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WildArk Founder Mark Hutchinson Lives Dedicated to His Passion – Wildlife

Wildlife has had a magnetic pull on Mark Hutchinson since he was a young lad growing up in Australia. Many of his fondest childhood memories are attached to nature. Shaped by this love for wildlife, “Hutch” has dedicated his adult life to his passion. Learn more:



Wasted No Time


Hutchinson wasted little time as a young adult, chasing his passion for the wild as a jackaroo, immediately after leaving school. Before he was 20 years old, he successfully journeyed across the entire continent of Africa in an automobile.



So inspired by this quest to live at one with the wild, he created an ecotourism business, UNTAMED, in hopes he could share his passion with others. While the business ultimately was not a corporate success, it did prove one thing to Mark, his calling may not be in the corporate world.



Rekindling a Passion for Wildlife


Hutchinson is an early riser, notorious for jumping out of bed to pursue the opportunities of a new day before sunrise. Gulping down a green smoothie, biodynamic yogurt and cup of tea, Mark then ignites his mind with an hour of vigorous cross training. Two years ago, he rekindled the single most important passion in his life, the wild.



Sparked by this dedicated ritual, he is ready to dive into his day. This ambitious nature is the driving force behind his most recent wildlife endeavor. WildArk is the brainchild of Hutchinson and it’s more than just a business to coddle tourists on a nature excursion. WildArk’s focus is steadfastly fixed on the conservation of natural lands on a global scale.



Hutchinson and his partners at WildArk strive to buy, restore and then protect as many wild environments as possible. He has stepped beyond the ecologically protected woodland concept. They work to implement business ideas that will perfectly blend man with nature.



It is an idea that man can function, while maintaining the world’s ecosystems in a sustainable manner. Hutchinson and WildArk believe that the human race has lost touch with the wild and his goal is to rekindle the fire of a passion for wildlife.


Mark Hutchinson is like a corporate genius with an insatiable passion for the wild. He is a rare combination of business smarts and ecological consciousness. Most people might assume that the two diverse objectives could never work together. WildArk is the business that hopes to prove such logic wrong. Through WildArk, Mark Hutchinson chases the passion of his youth by dedicating himself to wildlife. Learn more: