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Wiki page edits in 2016

Wikipedia and other wiki pages are popular online sources for people edited information. Wiki pages are editable by the general public, so they can be dangerous sources of information. Inaccurate information can be corrected, but it may be seen by others before it is. Wiki editing services can help to monitor and ensure the accuracy of a page. Just a quick glance at the most edited pages of 2016 can tell anyone why wiki editing services are a must.

The Orlando night club shooting and Brexit are among some of the highly edited papers. Other edited pages are a bit more of a surprise. Ru Paul’s drag race and Beverly Gray, a fictional character popular between 1934 and 1955. One page was edited thousands of times in 2016: Vincent Van Gogh. Editors wanted to clear up misinformation about the popular artist.

The most edited page was Deaths in 2016. The page itself was edited 18,000 times. With such high profile deaths, like John Glenn, Prince, David Bowie, and Fidel Castro. The second in line was Donald Trump. Both popular topics among the general public. The most edited wiki article of all time is George W Bush’s, but with his controversial career, it is easy to see why.

Social media sites have fueled the fake news fire, and Wikipedia experts are finding these unsubstantiated stories popping up all over the net as truth. A person or company needs someone on their side to monitor the web. is a professional wiki writing service that creates, edits, and monitors content on a person or company’s individual site.

Professional wiki writers can craft a page that will help to promote the brand or individual, while protecting their online image. They will create professional looking pages and will monitor and update a Wikipedia page with any new information. These services are invaluable for anyone looking to maintain their online presence. offers a comprehensive line up of services to help their clients maintain and promote their reputation.


Farrah Kendall says:

Fake news has turned out to be a greater amount of an issue as of late, so it has made the occupation of the wiki editorial manager troublesome. Some altered pages are self-evident, as hot news themes. It is very good that superior paper would do all that they could to have control everything.