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Who Is Welcome at the Kabbalah Centre?

The beauty of the Kabbalah Centre is that everyone is welcome no matter what kind of religion or faith they have. They are free to come there to study this kind of Judaism that has been around for thousands of years, and they are welcomed by the Berg family without any judgement. The parents started the Kabbalah Centre to be sure that they could pursue Kabbalah, but now their children run the Centre because they want to continue the legacy of their parents.
Someone who comes to the Kabbalah Centre knows that they will not be judged for their faith, but they also get access to the resources that the Centre has. The resources are such that people can easily get the help that they need, and the resources are also very helpful for someone who has never been able to do any scholarly study before.

Everyone feels God in a different way, and that is why the Centre is such an open and welcoming place. The open and welcoming place that people find allows them to meditate or sit and read as they determine to find God.

Finding God is very easy for someone who has been allowed to study in their own way without feeling any kind of judgement. People get to some to their own conclusions, and they get to learn about God among friends who might help them. The Kabbalah Centre is like a family who all have the same goal. The goal is to find God, nd all of them get to take their own path.


Smart Jill says:

Someone might come to the Kabbalah Centre just to pray, or they might come there because they believe that it is the best place to come when they want to see if they can find the presence of God. I know that an essay writing online was the only way to get our message across to this community a while back.