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Whitney Wolfe Positions Herself For Social Media Dominance

Whitney Wolfe is changing all the rules when it comes to dating apps. Some people have called her the Sadie Hawkins of the day in app world. This is a reference of men being asked to go out by women.

Ladies do not have to set the rules for going out for a first date, but women definitely have to make the first move when it comes to the conversation with the Bumble dating app. This is the company that Whitney Wolfe created, and it has become one of the major players in the world of dating apps.

Whitney Wolfe has taken a lot of interest in building an app that men and women could appreciate. She wanted to do something that was completely different, and it became obvious that she was going to create an app that would change the way that people knew the concept of social media dating.

There has been a desire to change the way that people process the concept of networking with social media, and this may be vital for someone like Whitney Wolfe because she is in a place where she can become the leader.

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Facebook is currently under scrutiny for privacy issues and the collection of data from people that utilize Facebook. Snapchat was shot down weeks ago by Kylie Jenner as an app that she was no longer using and millions of people reacted to this by dropping their Snapchat accounts.

This type of activity that is happening in the social media world leaves a gaping void that has to be filled by someone. Whitney Wolfe is coming along at a time where social media is fragile. Millennials do not particularly want to use Facebook because they feel that too many older people are utilizing it. This was initially the reason why many of them started using apps like Snapchat.

Now that Bumble has come along with more than just dating by introducing Bumble Bizz for networking and Bumble BFF for friendships it is evident that Whitney Wolfe may have the ability to attract people that want apps like this. She is in a pivotal place where she is able to turn the whole social media world around with what started as a feminist dating app. This has really allowed her to grasp a whole new concept for what it takes to master the art of luring people with a social media app.

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