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Tony Petrello: The Story Behind The Man’s Success and The Importance of Luck

It can be said that Tony Petrello has already earned the reputation of one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the field of energy production and drilling. Under the leadership of Tony Petrello for Nabors Industries, Ltd. as its CEO, the company has revolutionized the ways that drilling wells are done. The era of drilling is now in its new phase, and it is the commendable and passionate work of people like Tony Petrello that the most ethical, exceptional and sustainable standards of drilling will depend on.

Work, Board Memberships and Education

People can find at the Bloomberg Executive Profile of Tony that he has an MS at Yale University, then BS at Yale University, while his degree in Law comes from Harvard Law School. His affiliations with organizations like Stewart and Stevenson, LLC, Harvard Law School as well as Nabors Blue Sky Ltd. are also excellent networks that he has been part of to grow his name and reputation.

Aside from being the President, Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd., he also serves as the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc as well as the Director for Stewart and Stevenson, LLC. All of these are fascinating networks that have formed the achievements of Tony Petrello today.

In addition to this profile, it may be useful to read the article about Tony Petrello that his roommate Lloyd Grove wrote about him at the Daily Beast. One of the highlights in the story is how Grove remembered Petrello as the young public school kid with a thick accent. He didn’t think that Grove would turn out to be a successful business tycoon. Grove also asked for some advice from Petrello about how to make it really big in the world of finance or in any work whatsoever. On his part, Petrello shared that in between being smart and being lucky, Petrello would always choose being lucky. There was also a good story in the article of how Petrello got involved in the ventures and advocacies that he was part of.

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