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The Rise of Southridge Capital to Become a Huge Player in Financial Services

Southridge Capital, a Connecticut-based financial services company, focuses on structured finance and advisory to public companies. Over time, it has developed innovative financial plans and executed them on behalf of many public companies across the world. Southridge Capital wouldn’t be where it is if not for its capable executive team that works tirelessly to enable the company provide financial services that helps companies to thrive in the market. Since its founding in 1996, the company has expanded rapidly and invested in 250 companies across the world. It put $1.8 billion into the investments.



Its expertise in helping companies to grow goes off the roof. It has mastered the art of helping public companies in financial crisis and nearing bankruptcy to pull through. It offers corporate consultancy services that are beyond industry standards. Whether formulating financial statement that are in line with financial and operational assumptions or optimizing balance sheets, Southridge is experienced enough to handle any financial hurdle on behalf of its clients. Mergers and acquisitions, legal settlements, restructuring analysis makes up the other part of the company’s specialties.



Being a founder, Stephen M. Hicks has led the company since its conception in 1996 and he influenced its strategic direction each step of the way. He was with the company when it made a ‘bad’ investment in Petals and got back to its feet. That is one of the mistakes Mr. Hicks he regrets but they managed to pull through. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Stephen Hicks is a reliable resource in Southridge Capital. When he gets to the office, the first thing he does is to review the portfolio and figure out what to be done during the day. He has learned the art of striking a balance between keeping on track existing investments and looking for new opportunities.



What inspired the birth of Southridge Capital? Well, Stephen Hicks reminisces the moments he worked at a hedge fund in 1996. While he was comfortable working at the company, he had to do something to earn a living because it was closing down. The owner of the company had decided to close down the business and go back to Australia, his home country. While working at the company before it shut down its operations, he founded a hedge fund that now goes by Southridge Capital. You can follow their Facebook and  Twitter account for more.