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The Osteo Relief Institute Helps Patients With Quality of Life

Located in New Jersey in Wall Township, the Osteo Relief Institute, helps osteoarthritis patients achieve a higher quality of life. An osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that is systemic in nature and can affect every joint in the body with painful and crippling effects that can render an individual helpless.


Arthritis in general and osteoarthritis, in particular, encompass the number one cause of disability in the nation. It occurs when the cartilage and soft tissue in the joints wear down due to disease and overuse. This causes the bone to be rubbing on the bone which is very painful and debilitating.


The Osteo Relief Institute is made up of board-certified doctors and physical therapists who are experts at treating osteoarthritis and in helping patients to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The primary objective of treatment at the Osteo Relief Institute is to help patients avoid surgery and provide an individualized treatment plan (


Risk factors that affect osteoarthritis include overweight, lifestyle, previous injury, age, and family history. There is really no cure for osteoarthritis and it is degenerative in nature. At the Osteo Relief Institute, an individual treatment and lifestyle plan is put into effect with the expert guidance from the well-qualified staff.


It is critical that patients learn self-management which includes medical treatments and exercise that help people manage the disease. The Osteo Relief Institute helps people establish and maintain a routine that gives people a strategy for relief. By utilizing physical therapy along with proven medical techniques, the Osteo Relief Institute helps people directly to have a better quality of life than otherwise would have been the case.

Patients are evaluated on an individual basis so that surgery is the last resort. Treatment methods have established that help with the relief from pain and to restore normal mobility. Technology is rapidly advancing and new techniques are extremely helpful to patients in all of the areas of the body that are affected by osteoarthritis.


Get a free information packet from Osteo Relief Institute today and find out how you can be helped to be relieved of pain and how you can regain the mobility that you once had.

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