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Success Academy A Model For New York Schools

There is a lesser known charter school system in the New York area that goes by the name of Success Academy, and their results are becoming the envy of educators throughout the state. The state exam test scores from the children who are enrolled at SA have been leaps and bounds beyond the public school system. To the amazement of many, the children at a Success Academy who reign from the poorest neighborhoods in the city are still able to outperform even the children of some of the wealthiest residents at public schools. It is truly a process to be examined since these “scholars” are living up to the name.

The charter system is vast and growing with a network of 32 schools already in operation and 13 additional schools in the lineup to be opened soon. That effectively means that there will likely be 2% of the 1.1 million children in New York attending, and that simply puts Success Academy way above the rest as the only charter school able to grow so fast and achieve the results that have everyone wondering how they do it. There are 24 elementary schools where the process of helping the children into a mindset that is motivated to learn begins, and then 7 middle schools and a high school complete the existing lineup.

The teachers at Success Academy give everyone an individualized and custom treatment plan even when they are just playing with blocks in the earliest of grades. They understand that parent involvement can usually mean the difference between a child being able to excel and a child showing a lack of motivation and enthusiasm. For that reason, the community is encouraged to get involved as well.  They are led on the right track which will hopefully lead them to college where they can study what interests them and then give back to the community around them in a similar fashion.


Greg Brownfield says:

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