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Napa Valley is loved because of its large-scale wine production. The zone has large chunks of land growing grapes. Although this area is popular for wine, that is not all. Napa Valley has numerous remarkable sights to explore. An adventurous person does not have to go to the usual sites. Among the interesting places that Napa Valley has is the Napa Art Walk. This exhibition has breath taking creations from artists all over the nation.

The history of this valley is also interesting for interested people. The Napa Valley Historical Society is a suitable place to visit and learn the inspiring story of this valley. Information is accompanied by artifacts, which makes it more practical and captivating for visitors. Richly experienced people offer tours about the history of Napa Valley.

Most people know Napa Valley for its wine. Surprisingly, olive also thrives in this region. The Round Pond Estate creates a high class quality of Mediterranean olives. Another form of olives brought forth is traditional. Olives are used to make oils, which may be added flowers, herbs or spices. Some oils are also added vinegar. Napa Valley has other fun things and places such as taking a cooking class in Silverado, Visiting Auberge Spa, and visit the state park.

Traveling Vineyard is a firm that has adopted direct selling approach. The company organizes a wine tasting for clients to guarantee them what they are purchasing. This model of operation has benefited by differentiating it. The company works together with wine tasting parties and it delivers to consumers.

Another benefit this firm enjoys is the variety of different wines for their clients. The quality is high and the collection is from the best brands globally. The brands are chosen to fit the expectations and preferences of the customers. Besides, each party is accessorized with resources needed for a wine party.

Due to the extra mile and effort this company has made, it is a performer. Traveling Vineyard has grown and enlarged customer base. Direct selling has driven many clients to them. They keep the loyalty through special treatment to the customers. On this company, there is wine befitting anyone.

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