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Statement on Stock Market by the Southridge Capital CEO Stephen Hicks

Southridge Capital Agency is a renowned private equity firm based in Connecticut, the United States which deals in providing investment securities and banking services. It was founded in 1996 to offer advisory services to both the middle and the small market services. Since its foundation, Southridge Capital has injected over $1.8 billion investment to develop companies all over the world. Such successful operations are achieved by laying down a financing plan to potential clients as well as executing the service without fail. The Southridge Capital Agency is a recommendable risk management company that offers the best solution for energy and bank companies.

According to PR Newswire, Southridge Capital aims to bail people financial crisis as well as becoming the number one contender globally. If you require debt problems, contact the Southridge Capital and get sorted out to avoid stress and relationship issues. It’s worth noting that money problems can affect your happiness thereby giving Southridge Capital Agency an excellent chance to revive your future. Today, lots of people flock to their offices for financial help and advice. The beauty of choosing the agency is that it’s affordable especially because you get to pay effortlessly unlike before where there are lots of future problems that may arise.

Recently, the CEO and the founder of Southridge Capital has made a press statement on the stock market of China. Stephen Hicks has stated that since mid-June, the Shanghai Composite Index is losing its value by 30%. China is currently facing panic due to the kind of loses they are making. The government is currently undertaking market intervention thus ensuring there is a decline woe that could trigger global sell-off. You can visit scribd to know more.


Stephen Hicks warns on short-selling and speculative thinking in Southridge. Also, he adds that speculative thought can lead to both tragedy and triumph in the stock market. Also, Hicks advice that returns are more in areas where capital flows. Hicks states that China should focus on the transparency and the fairness of the market. In fact, he says that despite the Chinese market is very speculative, it fails to reflect the well-being of the economy, unlike other stock markets.