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Southridge Capital, Investment Oriented Company

Southridge Capital LLC is a private investment company which specialized in placement transaction with small public companies. The company requires capital from outside to make acquisition strategies and manages huge funds. It is dedicated to providing a full innovative solution to meet the client’s needs. Recently, it has re-energized the brands to reflect what it’s capable of providing.


Stephen M. Hick’s founded the company in 1996 in Ridgefield, Connecticut with additional offices in California, Canada, New York, Los Angeles, and Ontario. He received BS in Business Administration from King’s College in Briarcliff Manor, New York, an MBA from Fordham University, New York City.


He is the Chief Executive Officer and Principal of the company. As the CEO, he sets the overall direction and responsibility for businesses and development executions. Apart from being active in the company for 30 years, he has experience in different fields such as; risk arbitrage, derivatives, financial structuring, and investment banking.


The Southridge Capital targets individuals with financial challenges, through this, debts are eliminated with a well-orchestrated which further enhances the management of financial needs. The target of this company is small enterprises, individuals and huge business corporations. Financial stability of the company enables it to supply products and services to clients, thus improving the company’s productivity.


Experts in the company embrace technology which solves financial issues to customers. Technological know-how of the company help in proper utilization of resources, this ensures that every coin used is well accounted for. Technology will enable the company to recover funds which were misappropriated by individual managers thus maximizing profit leading to the smooth running of business activities. Massive profit gained through technology enable the company solves client’s financial problems. For more details visit



Crunch base is a system used in finding information about public and private companies. It sources data from investment, founding members, industry acquisition, individual in leadership positions and mergers. This method was established to track startup.

Data is obtained from four ways; namely, machine learning venture program, in-house data team, CrunchBase. The submissions are subject to social validation, registration and often reviewed before being published to the public.



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