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Securus Technologies’ Facility Customers Comment on Using Technology to Solve and Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the provision of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for corrections, investigations, public safety, and monitoring has published many comments from facilities on their particular technology to prevent and solve all crimes including inmate-to-inmate crimes.


Below is a sample of observations from email communications and formal and official communications that are received from jails and prisons officials throughout the US. For this reason, these come from people that are given the task to solve are prevent any form of crime and make the correctional environment safer and better for everyone.


Richard A. Smith, the CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies, said that they develop a new product on a weekly basis that helps the correctional and law reinforcement officials prevent and solve crimes.


He also said that the company had received numerous emails and letters concerning their invention and advanced technology and how it helps keep inmates, the society, parolees, and inmates safer.


Facility customer selected comments using technology to solve and prevent crimes

  • “ for over ten years, our inmate facility had depended on the technology solutions from Securus Technologies, Inc. We are ever encouraged to see ur choice of company is committed to progressively help us improve public safety and revolutionize the correctional environment in our jurisdiction.”
  • Cells were monitored for information about alcohol use, drugs and drug selling, threats, possible access to cellular devices, suspicious conversation concerning the transfer of money, a past incident involved fired shots, a civilian reported to selling drugs at a discount in the correctional market without the license.”



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