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Saygus Describes their Experience working with NewsWatch

NewsWatch TV is a video production firm owned and operated by its mother company, Bridge Communications. The company aired its first show in 1990 and proudly have more than 1200 episodes to its name since then. Its 30-minute show airs on Monday mornings across all AMC networks and the ION network as well. The show comes during the 7 am news hours to ensure many Americans get the chance to watch. Susan Bridges and Andrew Tropeano are joint hosts of the show. They have hosted many celebrities on the show. Some of the big names include Chris Pratt, Brooklyn Decker, Julian Moore, Carey Underwood and Phil Mickelson. Several big corporations have also made appearances on the show to reach the masses. LG, Ford, D-Link, NASCAR, Dewars Whiskey and Suave all have appeared on the show.

NewsWatch airs varied content including a segment called AppWatch that features reviews on apps, a section covering the latest technology stories, fashion trends, tourism and travel plans, business news and public awareness campaigns. Newswatch’s content reaches millions of American viewers and many others on the internet. Its online platforms include Youtube and Vimeo channels. NewsWatch Youtube Channel boasts of over four million views.

Several companies interested in marketing their products turn to NewsWatch because of its audience. They know that NewsWatch guarantees massive viewership. An American smartphone manufacturing company, Saygus, was launching its smartphones in Barcelona, Spain at the Mobile World Congress and teamed with NewsWatch to publicize their products. NewsWatch did the video production beyond Saygus’ expectations. Covering all aspects that Saygus needed in the video. NewsWatch did the editing and the distribution of the video professionally. Saygus’ chief marketing officer, Tim Rush recommends NewsWatch because it listens to client’s needs and consequently remits the right message to the appropriate people at the right time.