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Wen by Chaz: Winning the World With Quality Hair Treatments

Wen by Chaz is not just a shampoo company. It is more along the lines of a hair restoration salon. Chaz Dean began his pursuit of creating a cleanser that did not strip grime away from the scalp and oils from the hair. He wanted a product that would gently lift oil off while moisturizing and creating shine in each strand. Chaz Dean started his company a little more than 15 years ago. Since the company’s creation, sales of the product have been well over 30 million.

The company is international. Its reach extends from the Middle Eastern continents to South America and across Japan and other Asian countries. This was not an accident. The hair product itself carried the company on its wave of popularity.

The hair cleanser is one of WEN’s finest products but not the only one that Chaz Dean has mastered. This cleanser is not referred to as a shampoo because it does more than that. It is a blend of natural products and herbal remedies that treat the hair like a delicate fabric. The product is available on in many pleasing scents that are sure to entice every palette. Some of the fragrances are lavender, cucumber, and mint.

Mr. Dean and his company continue perfecting their lineup and only bring them to market when they are tested and validated. Besides his cleansers, Wen by Chaz also offers styling products for all types of hair from the flat to the frizzy.

Chaz Dean has graduated from cosmetology school and launched an international business. He may seem like an overnight success to you, but he has put in many years of dedication to create a vision he is proud to call Wen by Chaz. For more hair care tips, follow Wen on Twitter and subscribe to the WEN YouTube channel.

Dr. Saad Saad Answers Parents Concerns About Going Back to School

Dr. Saad Saad was raised in Kuawait, a brother to seven other siblings. After going through school, he went to Cairo University where he got a medical degree with honors- ranking second in his class. He took an internship in England that eventually led him to take residency and learn Pediatric surgery in the United States.

Becoming board certified in the US is very difficult but Dr. Saad Saad’s persistence allowed him to not only become certified but also begin working for the King of Saudi Arabia. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

The King chose him because he was board certified in the US and could speak fluent English and Arabic. He and his family served the king for four and a half years; afterward, he returned to the United States so his children could attend school. He is currently retired and lives in New Jersey.

Dr. Saad still offers advice to people seeking answers to their children’s issues, including issues in regards to schooling. Here are some of his most asked questions and his responses:

The first question is what happens if a child gets a concussion and what can the parents and coaches do to prevent an occurrence? The first step in prevention is to make sure that the helmet is age appropriate and secured under the chin. Next, make sure the helmet is worn consistently. It only takes one time to have an accident. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions | Chronicle Week

Some signs of a concussion include increased drowsiness, unusual behavior, and headaches that won’t go away. Parents should watch for signs up to several days after the injury occurs and take their child to the hospital if the symptoms are present.

Recovery, according to Dr. Saad Saad, includes encouraging the child to rest the first couple of weeks. As they bring increase their activity, if it doesn’t cause any issues than it is okay, if it causes issues then wait a bit longer. Each concussion is different and must be treated as such.

The second issue brought up is if vaccines are okay, and Dr. Saad Saad along with the American Academy of Pediatrics say that they are. As of right now, this is the most effective way that we have to prevent diseases. He also notes that parents should educate themselves on vaccines.

Given this information, it is no wonder that Dr. Saad Saad is so sought after in his advice. He is truly concerned for every one of his patients- from the Kings to everyday citizens.

Malcolm Casselle: Blockchain Entrepreneur

Worldwide asset exchange is a new decentralized platform that promises to allow users across the globe to conduct transactions seamlessly between each other without the need for a third-party. This may seem like a revolutionary concept for those who are unfamiliar with blockchain or smart contract technology but it is becoming prevalent in numerous industries behind the scenes as developers are beginning to familiarize themselves with the concepts that underlined this revolutionary technology. The man behind the ideas over at worldwide asset exchange goes by the name of Malcolm Casselle. The recent success of the initial corn offering for worldwide asset exchange has made many people start to take notice of this seeming behemoth in the virtual asset industry.

However, despite the rapid success of worldwide asset exchange, this is not the first leadership role that the company’s president Malcolm Casselle has taken. In fact, prior to his role at worldwide asset exchange, he was already the chief investment officer of the world’s largest online video game marketplace OPSkins. In his role as the corporation’s chief investment officer, he was instrumental in the development of blockchain technology to facilitate transactions. Even before his role at OPSkins Malcolm Casselle was already well known in the digital asset industry and has held several other key leadership roles in various corporations. He has been an advocate for blockchain and smart contracts technology for much longer than most who are now core supporters of the revolutionary technology.

Malcolm Casselle was educated in the United States of America at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that he first earned a bachelors degree in computer science before returning to the same University in order to pursue his graduate education. He was ultimately awarded a Masters degree in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before entering the professional world. Since entering the professional world Malcolm Casselle has helped to introduce the ideas of blockchain technology as well as smart contract technology to a number of businesses in the digital technology industry.

The U.S. Money Reserve Helps Connect Clients with Coins

Since starting, the U.S. Money Reserve always made sure they had the options their clients needed. They knew a lot about the business and knew a lot about coin collecting since they worked in the business for a long time. It made sense for the company to continue helping their clients have the best experiences possible.  Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Team Attends the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation’s Lone Sailor Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C.
It also made things easier for them when they started in the industry. Since they knew a lot about it and they had clients already, the U.S. Reserve started out on a good note. They also found the right way to cater to all their clients.

As long as the company knew what people wanted, they could provide them with positive experiences. They could also make people have a better understanding of all the options they had. Since they knew so much about coin collecting and helping people understand the impacts of coin collecting, they knew they could make things easier for the people they catered to. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Team Attends the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation’s Lone Sailor Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C.
For the company to keep helping others, they had to make sure they could show them the right experiences that would allow them to reach new levels when it came to the coin collecting industry. Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

The time the company spent working toward better experiences allowed them to do more than they would typically do for people in different situations. It also gave them the motivation they needed to help people with the experiences that could help them with coin collecting. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

As long as they had someone interested in the different coin options they had, they could give them a positive experience. It made sense for the company to keep showing people they could do more and they could make a difference no matter how hard they had to work to get to different areas of the business.

As long as the U.S. Reserve keeps giving people positive experiences, they keep making all the right choices for the industry. It makes sense for the U.S. Money Reserve to do things better for all their clients.

The opportunities they have also make people understand they can do things on their own. For the U.S. Money Reserve to do this, they have to make sure they’re showing people they know what coins are the rarest and which ones are special so they can show them they’re doing a good job at finding positive experiences for the clients to enjoy.

The U.S Navy Memorial Foundation hosts the Lone Sailor Awards event that was attended by the U. S Money Reserve Team

The United States money reserve was founded by gold market veterans who projected a need to merge expert market know-how, remarkable customer service and the category of professional supervision that is unconditionally a necessity when buying precious metals.

Over the years, the firm can openly pride itself for having created very close relationships with their clients providing exceptional services. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Currently, United States money reserve is the country’s most significant distributors of the Federal Government of the United States government issuing Silver, Gold and Platinum coins. Additionally, the firm has had the opportunity to serve thousands of clients who saw the need to take advantage of the financial benefits of possessing the precious metals.

On September 25th, at Austin, Texas, the company attended the 2018 Lone Sailor Awards Dinner. The United States Navy Memorial Foundation organised the party. The dinner was held on Thursday at the National Building Museum that is based in Washington D.C.

The U.S  Reserve is a well-recognised partner of the United States Navy Memorial. The primary aim of the United States, memorial is to oversee and emphasis on honoring the women and men that offer their services at sea, presently, in the Past and the coming future.

The well-regarded United States money reserve unit attended the Sailor Awards dinner. Those that attended include Jim Warren, who is the vice president of communication and marketing, Christol Farris the sitting president of the media, Hosea Perkins, the senior director of sales and Jennifer Olivier, the director of all operations.

Farris noted that it was genuinely crucial for the company to have a cordial relationship with the United States Navy Memorial. Christol went on to note that partnering with an organisation that allowed them to honour and appreciate the men and women who serve the country created a warm feeling inside their hearts. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Team Attends the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation’s Lone Sailor Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C. and US Money Reserve | Facebook

The United States Navy memorial started partnering with the United States Money reserve with a launch of the 75th Centenary Pearl Harbor Coin Series that was held back in 2016. A share of the profits was contributed to the Navy Memorial Foundation.

The portion extensively assisted in funding put up a Lone Sailor statue which was then dedicated back in October. The whole proceedings were carried out at the Pearl Harbor Center.

Jennifer Olivier stated that the Lone Sailor statue was an iconic representation of the United States Navy that portrays respect, honour and devotion of all the service men and women on duty.

Jennifer noted that the relationship between U.S Reserve and the United States Navy Memorial would continue to offer support of unforgettable memories of all the men and women who sacrifice most for the country.

Eating Good With OSI Is A Preferred Choice

Eating right is important to millions of people and that’s why they’re choosing an OSI Group diet. They prefer an organic diet over processed foods that contain GMO’s. Their meal is fortified with organic ingredients that offer you a safe diet.

As the world’s largest food processing network, they have over a century of experience. You have the opportunity to find out more about their food plan by taking a tour of their Illinois food plant. They’re dedicated to feeding your family a delicious meal that they can afford. You will find their foods in your grocer, restaurants, and meat markets.

The OSI Group knows how to spot a great partnership with the best international food groups in the industry. Their eye for successful mergers have led them to partner with the EU food group. Surprisingly, they’ve made a successful deal with the Flagship food group. More importantly, the deal was a success and allowed them to both benefit. OSI has been able to double their chicken production. However, Flagship has been able to grow their business portfolio. The success of the deal has been able to mimic their United States and Asian partnership. OSI will operate from their largest food group facility.

They have been able to highlight their team of executives by including their profiles on their website. However, their CEO, Sheldon Lavin has made headline news by creating a job plan that has allowed 7,000+ jobs around the world to help improve the socio-economic status of underprivileged adults. He was one of the first food team executives to take an interests in job initiatives for the people they serve. The OSI COO, David McDonald was quick to follow. He is also a graduate of the University of Illinois with over 16 years of experience. Together, they’ve also created a keep Illinois clean project.

The OSI Group processes hot dogs, meat patties, dessert, pie fillings, food condiments, frozen poultry, and sandwich meat. Their food team has been able to process the industry’s best foods under strict food regulations. Their food disclosure tells you exactly what’s in your food. They help you eat right and enjoy your diet at a price you can afford. Put a simple meal on your table that your family will love. Don’t be fooled by competitor networks that try to replicate their diet. The OSI Group also processes food for the Tyson food industry through a bid for a Chicago plant.

Visit for more details about OSI Group.

The Rise of Southridge Capital to Become a Huge Player in Financial Services

Southridge Capital, a Connecticut-based financial services company, focuses on structured finance and advisory to public companies. Over time, it has developed innovative financial plans and executed them on behalf of many public companies across the world. Southridge Capital wouldn’t be where it is if not for its capable executive team that works tirelessly to enable the company provide financial services that helps companies to thrive in the market. Since its founding in 1996, the company has expanded rapidly and invested in 250 companies across the world. It put $1.8 billion into the investments.



Its expertise in helping companies to grow goes off the roof. It has mastered the art of helping public companies in financial crisis and nearing bankruptcy to pull through. It offers corporate consultancy services that are beyond industry standards. Whether formulating financial statement that are in line with financial and operational assumptions or optimizing balance sheets, Southridge is experienced enough to handle any financial hurdle on behalf of its clients. Mergers and acquisitions, legal settlements, restructuring analysis makes up the other part of the company’s specialties.



Being a founder, Stephen M. Hicks has led the company since its conception in 1996 and he influenced its strategic direction each step of the way. He was with the company when it made a ‘bad’ investment in Petals and got back to its feet. That is one of the mistakes Mr. Hicks he regrets but they managed to pull through. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Stephen Hicks is a reliable resource in Southridge Capital. When he gets to the office, the first thing he does is to review the portfolio and figure out what to be done during the day. He has learned the art of striking a balance between keeping on track existing investments and looking for new opportunities.



What inspired the birth of Southridge Capital? Well, Stephen Hicks reminisces the moments he worked at a hedge fund in 1996. While he was comfortable working at the company, he had to do something to earn a living because it was closing down. The owner of the company had decided to close down the business and go back to Australia, his home country. While working at the company before it shut down its operations, he founded a hedge fund that now goes by Southridge Capital. You can follow their Facebook and  Twitter account for more.



Empowerment in Romance with Whitney Wolfe

The dating world can be incredibly hazardous to navigate, especially for women. Women are all too familiar with the safety issues that come along with online dating, but in 2014, Whitney Wolfe introduced a concept that revolutionized the one-sided dynamic that we tend to find through dating apps. Wolfe created the app Bumble, a dating application that emphasizes meaningful connections, and empowers women to make the first move.

Whitney was one of the co-founders of the app Tinder, but after facing sexual harassment from her co-founder Justin Mateen, she left the company and settled her harassment case for approximately one million dollars. Wolfe had no plans to return to the dating industry after leaving Tinder in 2014, but with the help of Badoo founder Andrey Andreev, she was able to create the social space for women that she wanted to see, while offering people opportunities to network, date, and build business connections. Read more about Whitney Wolfe on Crunchbase.

The idea Whitney Wolfe had for Bumble was innovative in the way that she approached the dating world. On Bumble, people did not feel the same pressure to lean towards a romantic connection with their matches-they could instead assess the type of people they match with and determine whether the relationship would benefit them professionally or platonically. The app was also a big deal for heterosexual women because matches disappear after 24 hoore:urs if the woman decides not to message the man. In same-sex situations, either party has the power to message first. This made the app viable for a wider demographic, which led to over 100,000 consumers downloading the app in the first month alone. Whitney continues to demonstrate these principles in her other apps like BFF and Bizz, and offers countless pop-ups that teach women about career building and running a business.

Although Whitney Wolfe’s career has been rife with legal drama, she was able to thrive and find love in her personal life. In 2013, Whitney Wolfe became acquainted with Michael Herd through a mutual friend on a ski trip. The pair were engaged after dating for two years, and immediately after vacationed in Italy. Their wedding took place in Positano, and they have been happily married ever since.

Dating and Business are two endeavors that can provide many challenges for women, especially women like Whitney Wolfe. Being armed with technology that allows you to take control in your personal and professional life is something essential to women’s success. Thank to innovators like Whitney, women are taking back control, and leveling the playing field.

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Southridge Capital, Investment Oriented Company

Southridge Capital LLC is a private investment company which specialized in placement transaction with small public companies. The company requires capital from outside to make acquisition strategies and manages huge funds. It is dedicated to providing a full innovative solution to meet the client’s needs. Recently, it has re-energized the brands to reflect what it’s capable of providing.


Stephen M. Hick’s founded the company in 1996 in Ridgefield, Connecticut with additional offices in California, Canada, New York, Los Angeles, and Ontario. He received BS in Business Administration from King’s College in Briarcliff Manor, New York, an MBA from Fordham University, New York City.


He is the Chief Executive Officer and Principal of the company. As the CEO, he sets the overall direction and responsibility for businesses and development executions. Apart from being active in the company for 30 years, he has experience in different fields such as; risk arbitrage, derivatives, financial structuring, and investment banking.


The Southridge Capital targets individuals with financial challenges, through this, debts are eliminated with a well-orchestrated which further enhances the management of financial needs. The target of this company is small enterprises, individuals and huge business corporations. Financial stability of the company enables it to supply products and services to clients, thus improving the company’s productivity.


Experts in the company embrace technology which solves financial issues to customers. Technological know-how of the company help in proper utilization of resources, this ensures that every coin used is well accounted for. Technology will enable the company to recover funds which were misappropriated by individual managers thus maximizing profit leading to the smooth running of business activities. Massive profit gained through technology enable the company solves client’s financial problems. For more details visit



Crunch base is a system used in finding information about public and private companies. It sources data from investment, founding members, industry acquisition, individual in leadership positions and mergers. This method was established to track startup.

Data is obtained from four ways; namely, machine learning venture program, in-house data team, CrunchBase. The submissions are subject to social validation, registration and often reviewed before being published to the public.



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CEO of UTC Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert comes from Montreal, Canada. He was born 60 years ago. While still a young man, Chenevert knew what he wanted to become when he grows up. He was interested in becoming a businessman when he grows up. From this tender age, Louis was aware that for him to achieve his goal, he had to be determined as well as work hard to realize the dream. He started working toward this goal from then, something that has made him successful in the current days.

Louis Chenevert holds a degree in production management from HEC Montreal Business School in the University of Montreal. Production management helps companies to become more successful by managing their operations. For instance, production management allows firms to produce goods and services at the right amount as well as best quality. Furthermore, production management enables institutions to come up with products at lower costs including higher speed. After college, Chenevert joined General Motors where he served for 14 years as the manager of the company’s assembly line in Montreal.

He later moved to join PWC (Pratt & Whitney Canada) a division of Pratt & Whitney (P&W) company. P&W has its offices in the United States. Moreover, P&W is a branch of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). In 1996, Chenevert joined P&W after its operations president retired. Louis Chenevert received this position because of his excellent work at PWC. In 1999, Louis was promoted to become the president of P&W. During the time that Chenevert took the leadership of the company; the organization was not doing so well. However, Louis Chenevert’s administration including its determination and hard work saw the company rise to its glory. Presently, the company has more than 33,000 employees in all its departments.

The changes that Louis Chenevert was making at P&W were noticeable, and this prompted the multinational corporation UTC to come for him. In 2006, he became the chairman of UTC. This was like a more significant task for Chenevert. The corporation was offering aerospace products as well as other technical products. In 2008, Chenevert was promoted to become the corporation’s CEO as well as the president. Louis took over the role from George David, who was retiring after working for the corporation for 16 years.