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Tony Petrello: The Story Behind The Man’s Success and The Importance of Luck

It can be said that Tony Petrello has already earned the reputation of one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the field of energy production and drilling. Under the leadership of Tony Petrello for Nabors Industries, Ltd. as its CEO, the company has revolutionized the ways that drilling wells are done. The era of drilling is now in its new phase, and it is the commendable and passionate work of people like Tony Petrello that the most ethical, exceptional and sustainable standards of drilling will depend on.

Work, Board Memberships and Education

People can find at the Bloomberg Executive Profile of Tony that he has an MS at Yale University, then BS at Yale University, while his degree in Law comes from Harvard Law School. His affiliations with organizations like Stewart and Stevenson, LLC, Harvard Law School as well as Nabors Blue Sky Ltd. are also excellent networks that he has been part of to grow his name and reputation.

Aside from being the President, Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd., he also serves as the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc as well as the Director for Stewart and Stevenson, LLC. All of these are fascinating networks that have formed the achievements of Tony Petrello today.

In addition to this profile, it may be useful to read the article about Tony Petrello that his roommate Lloyd Grove wrote about him at the Daily Beast. One of the highlights in the story is how Grove remembered Petrello as the young public school kid with a thick accent. He didn’t think that Grove would turn out to be a successful business tycoon. Grove also asked for some advice from Petrello about how to make it really big in the world of finance or in any work whatsoever. On his part, Petrello shared that in between being smart and being lucky, Petrello would always choose being lucky. There was also a good story in the article of how Petrello got involved in the ventures and advocacies that he was part of.

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Having A Great Time at the Apia Fagali Islands

Would you like to swim in the pristine ocean water, enjoying a relaxing while catching the rays on white sandy beaches? Then now is the time to plan your trip to the Upolu inland. This stunning island is located in the beautiful South Pacific ocean. If you do not enjoy the sandy beaches, there is still plenty to do. Deep sea fishing, scuba diving, surfing, hiking, to name a few! That not all! Enjoy a game of golf on the most stunning background while you enjoy your golf game. You are saying to yourself this is just too expensive! I have great news for you! Skyrunner can assist you in flying straight to Apia Fagali 1 Airport from the United States at the most reasonable price available.

Ready to head to the islands? Just make sure your passport is in effect with one blank page. Do you need a tourist visa? Not required, if your stay is 60 days or less! Using local transportation from Apia Fagali 1 Airport, you will be no more than 20 minutes away from the grand resorts and magnificent hotels available for your stay. Apia Fagali 1 Airport, served by Polynesian Airlines, is tucked away in the unique rainforest of the island.

Apia Fagali has many attractions to visit during your holiday. Feast on the scrumptious foods of the local market. Visit the Samoa Cultural Village, and learn the history of the peoples of the island. You will find great buys on souvenirs at the Market Fou food and flea market. Take stunning photos at the magnificent historic worship temples and the beautiful vistas around you.

When you visit Apia Fagali Airport, your vacation will be over before you know it because of all the fun you will have on your stay. Bring your favorite bikini and your sun lotion so you can go home with a beautiful tan!

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Beauty Is Now At The RealReal

The RealReal is a luxury resale e-commerce site that has operations at locations in pop-up shops in Las Vegas and SoHo’s in Manhattan.

The company has recently added beauty products to their collection. SoHo has had the beauty products available for sale since the holiday season, and the shops in Las Vegas have as well.

The chief merchant at The RealReal, Rati Levesque, stated that they are testing their beauty products because they wish to meet their customers’ needs. Levesque wants for their customers to trust them and to be able to find their luxury needs in their wide variety of selections. “Right now we are in the early stages, but plan to invest more heavily in the category in coming months.” Levesque said.

The RealReal’s new beauty products, that they recently added in their collection, are being sold and they include brands such as: Ellis Brooklyn, Maison Louis Marie, Joanna Vargas, Olio E Osso, Babo Botanicals, and many more. They are also now receiving their products directly and not from any third-parties.

At first being an apparel store, The RealReal has finally included beauty products to their store. And it is also one of the latest retail stores to include beauty supplies. Other retail stores that added beauty space last year are Forever 21, Anthropologie, Madewell, and Free People. And now with beauty products to attract more customers, the company is hoping that their brand will expand and become more popular.

Julie Wainwright, who is the founder and CEO of The RealReal, stated that the company, along with beauty brands, is also getting home brands that want to sell their new products at their store. It is the start of new opportunities and growth for The RealReal, and Julie Wainwright claimed that they are getting ready for the special sales.

The U.S. Money Reserve Honored By The 2018 AdSphere Awards

The U.S. Money Reserve is the winner of two prestigious awards in the ‘best of’ category at this year’s AdSphere Awards. This marks the second time in as many years that the company has earned top honors at the awards ceremony for ‘infomercials’ and ‘short form products.’

The AdSphere Awards recognizes outstanding achievement among network cable advertisers in the direct response television industry that has grown to be a $350 billion market. The awards presentation is sponsored by DRMetrix, the company that leads the way in researching the DRTV industry.

The chief executive officer of the U.S. Money Reserve, Angela Koch, explains that The Money Reserve makes use of the opportunity afforded the company by the presence of DRTV to provide creative work to its audience that is reflective of The Money Reserve brand. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

Koch also expressed her sentiments regarding the honor bestowed upon the company by being the winner of the two major categories for the second year in a row and gave credit for the accomplishment to production, media, and marketing personnel that works for the company.

AdSphere monitors the advertising programming for over 120 networks in the United States and has identified more than 7,700 active brands making use of these networks.

The company recognizes top-performing brands from a variety of industries and has segmented advertisers using DRTV campaigns into 145 sub-categories to go along with the 20 main categories that are recognized.

Joseph Gray is the chief executive officer of DRMetrix and the founder of AdSphere Awards. Gray says that the awards program he created is the most comprehensive in the industry and identifies best of class performers across a variety of industry platforms.

The awards recognition takes place on the heels of a recent announcement that the Perth Mint has tabbed the U.S. Reserve to be the exclusive distributor in the U.S. market for coin proof set that commemorates the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.

The U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and is now among the largest privately owned distributors of precious metal products issued by the United States government. The company has helped many thousands of individuals diversify their assets with gold, silver, and platinum coins and coin sets.

The U.S. Reserve employs a skilled team of competent professionals that research precious metal markets to find the best opportunities for clients.

The company is based in Austin, Texas and performs above and beyond accepted industry standards to provide a satisfying experience for clients.

Robert Deignan; Successful Businessman and Entrepreneur

Robert Deignan was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He attended Purdue University from 1992-1995 and graduated with a degree in Business Management. He is the Co-founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services, a company that addresses technology issues for consumers focusing on troubleshooting and connectivity among others. He was an ardent football fan and player that he even attended the university through a football scholarship.

He began his entrepreneurial journey in July 1998 when he co-founded Fanklin, Inc, in his hometown, a position he held for almost three years. In June 2011, he was appointed Executive Vice president of iS3, Inc, in Boynton Beach, Florida, a position he held for over 9 years. Finally, he left iS3 in 2011 June and co-founded ATS Digital

in the same year.

While working for another company, he noticed there was a gap in the market and decided to open the company. one of the major problems they encountered was the installation of anti-Malware software which proved to be a good business opportunity. Together with his colleagues, they engineered a way to interact with their clients and solve the installation problems remotely. They helped remove malware and improved efficiency of their customer’s computers. They had enough customer base and decided to form a company that would be charging a fee to install the service.

Today, ATS Digital Services works like a digital consultancy firm. It offers supports across the world on technological problems. Robert has achieved so much as an entrepreneur. He advises entrepreneurs to do background checks to know whether an idea is worth investing in.

As a successful businessman, he is excited at how more people and homes are appreciating wireless technology. People are seeking services of agents in technology companies without the need to walk into repair shops. A lot of customers call service agents who request access to their computers and problems are fixed very fast.

ATS Digital Services has been licensed by AppEsteem, a corporation that looks into standards of call center activities and sets the rules. The company has fulfilled all the thirty-nine set rules hence earning itself a compliance certificate for their high standards of service delivery and dedication.

Statement on Stock Market by the Southridge Capital CEO Stephen Hicks

Southridge Capital Agency is a renowned private equity firm based in Connecticut, the United States which deals in providing investment securities and banking services. It was founded in 1996 to offer advisory services to both the middle and the small market services. Since its foundation, Southridge Capital has injected over $1.8 billion investment to develop companies all over the world. Such successful operations are achieved by laying down a financing plan to potential clients as well as executing the service without fail. The Southridge Capital Agency is a recommendable risk management company that offers the best solution for energy and bank companies.

According to PR Newswire, Southridge Capital aims to bail people financial crisis as well as becoming the number one contender globally. If you require debt problems, contact the Southridge Capital and get sorted out to avoid stress and relationship issues. It’s worth noting that money problems can affect your happiness thereby giving Southridge Capital Agency an excellent chance to revive your future. Today, lots of people flock to their offices for financial help and advice. The beauty of choosing the agency is that it’s affordable especially because you get to pay effortlessly unlike before where there are lots of future problems that may arise.

Recently, the CEO and the founder of Southridge Capital has made a press statement on the stock market of China. Stephen Hicks has stated that since mid-June, the Shanghai Composite Index is losing its value by 30%. China is currently facing panic due to the kind of loses they are making. The government is currently undertaking market intervention thus ensuring there is a decline woe that could trigger global sell-off. You can visit scribd to know more.


Stephen Hicks warns on short-selling and speculative thinking in Southridge. Also, he adds that speculative thought can lead to both tragedy and triumph in the stock market. Also, Hicks advice that returns are more in areas where capital flows. Hicks states that China should focus on the transparency and the fairness of the market. In fact, he says that despite the Chinese market is very speculative, it fails to reflect the well-being of the economy, unlike other stock markets.



An Overview Of Igor Cornelsen’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

The Former investment Banker in Rio, Igor Cornelsen was born in 1947 in Brazil. In 1965, at the age of 18, he attended the Federal University of Parana for an engineering degree. Despite having managed to be selected in the competitive slots to the only university offering engineering in Santa Catarina and Parana, he transferred to the economics class after two years. Igor graduated in 1970 and landed a prestigious job as an investment banker in Rio.

Two years into working with the investment bank he was upgraded to a member of the board of directors in Multibanco and later a CEO in 1976. The Bank of America later acquired Multibanco, and that was the beginning of his new journey. He was contracted by Unibanco, one of Brazil’s major investment banks. In 1985, when the inflation rate rose to high levels in Brazil, he moved to work with one of London merchant banks called the Libra Bank PLC and would then on get paid in dollars.

Igor Cornelsen’s opportunities in the investment industry opened and together with his partners in Libra, they moved to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, and he was made one of the board members and an ambassador based in Brazil. Seven years later he felt he had offered enough of his expertise and in return had gained a lot of experience to start and run his investment firm. He founded a company delivering services equivalent to those of the London Merchant bank and has held on the role of the managing director and contributes to managing his investment fund every day.

While nobody agreed with him, Igor once sold all his assets because he thought the new economic scheme that the government was working on would destroy the economy. He admits that as much as there are people who support him, most times they are against his decisions, but he keeps going forward with them. He was the only person who bet on Russia getting back on their feet and make an agreement with its creditors, and unlike all other analysts who bet against it, he was well rewarded.

21st Century Medical Aesthetics Excellence & Dr. Jennifer Walden

The 21st century is in full-effect and there are many new advancements in technology. Without advanced technology, the world would be a boring place. When it comes to the medical industry, advanced technology has provided extraordinary results in saving lives as well as changing your appearance. This is where Dr. Jennifer Walden comes into the picture, and this woman has helped to revolutionize the game via advanced technology. Dr. Walden is one of the most accomplished female-plastic surgeons to date. She is the co-author of an award-winning book named “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,” and she has graced the covers of numerous popular publications, including:

  • Shape
  • Austin MD Magazine
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Italian Vogue
  • Vogue
  • MD Monthly
  • VIVE Magazine
  • And many more

For 2018, Dr. Walden has been honored with a prominent role. Thanks to he brilliance in the medical community, she will be taking over a new role as the Secretary of the Society’s Executive Committee. This secretarial-position will be practiced under the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The new board members were announced at the affluent Aesthetic Meeting, which was held on April 29, 2018. Dr. Walden is already the overseer of all communications-related activities for the Aesthetic Society.

Did you know that Dr. Walden is a popular television commentator? That’s right! This fabulous woman has brought her medical talent to shows such as “20/20,” “The Today Show” and “The Early Show.” She is also one of only a few female surgeons that has helped to transcend plastic surgery. At Austin’s Westlake Medical Center, Dr. Walden has her very own medical-aesthetics practice. This fully accredited practice is known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. The loving mother of twin boys is definitely at the top of her craft as well as at the top of her class in cosmetic surgery.

How Hussain Sajwani Protected His Company During the 2008 Real Estate Crash

The 2008 real estate market crash was a devastating time for the economy. For Hussain Sajwani the condition of the market led him to nearly losing his real estate empire. Fortunately, Sajwani was able to recover and rebuilt his estate holdings strong than ever. Sajawni provided an insightful glimpse into how DAMAC recovered from the real estate crash. DAMAC Properties is now the fourth largest public company in the Middle East. Sajwani ability to recover was directly impacted by his childhood.

Sajwani spent his early years spending his afternoons at his father’s small shop. He emphasizes how his father knew his customer base. Quickly changing directions in the type of products he imported based on customer demand. This is one of key reasons for his success; the ability to quickly adapt to the market.

These are the skills that Hussain Sajwani used while building his empire. Starting a catering business only two short years after graduating from the University of Washington. Later moving on to property development in 1996 with Global Logistics Service. Eventually, founding DAMAC Properties in 2002.

The company grew quickly during the first three years. Initiating several large luxury real estate projects in Dubai. Quickly expanding internationally to Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. With Sajwani at the helm, the company became one of the most influential property development companies in Dubai.

When the Real estate market crashed in 2008, DAMAC faced several challenges. Fortunately, Hussain Suajwani had the foresight to see the changes in the market. As a result, he quickly acted to decrease overhead cost as well as eliminating positions and consolidating land. Suajwani, also managed to keep his best performing assets during this time. Which allowed him to withstand the troubled real estate market and surpass the companies previous level of success in the upcoming years.

AvaTrade Offers Regulation Amidst Fraud

The Forex Market remains the top global market in trade. Every day trillions of dollars in cash currency goes back and forth. But in a completely digital market, where investors fill out base information for online accounts. Scamming and fraud are frequent, and suspicions of investors are piqued. Brokerage firms talk a good game, but they have to back up talk with legitimate regulation. Investors want a return of their money, and a profit, not an empty account someone pilfered. AvaTrade is a Forex broker bearing regulation from main bodies in the European Union. The firm is based in Ireland and does a lot of business with the Central Bank of Ireland. AvaTrade also bears registry with the Spanish CNMV.


AvaTrade has proven itself to be a legitimate Forex Broker. It is regulated by many main bodies within the EU, one of which is the Central Bank of Ireland. AvaTrade is registered with Spanish CNMV. In a market flush with scams and fraudulent brokers, AvaTrade stands out for its reliability. Even more so the firm does not charge commission. Many favor AvaTrade because of the propensity to save money, they also prefer the broker because it offers a highly competitive spread. The broker also appreciates a vast leverage with the potential to reach 1:400.


AvaTrade review is located in Dublin, Ireland. It has actual offices that investors can visit, which really provides the site credibility. It is able to operate without commission by using spreads to create slight differentials. These differentials add a price difference within the transaction, save investors form being charger per trade, and provide AvaTrade all the funding they need to operate their business. The spreads are based on the platforms the broker uses. The main one is Meta Trader 4, and they also have a proprietary platform, both of which use a minimum of 0.3 pips. The proprietary platform also offers OTC trading. Investors can trade in CFD’s and currency pairs. AvaTrade even allows CFD trading in Bitcoin. The wealth of options allows investors easy use of the market, and wide opportunity for successful returns.