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Nathaniel Ru, of Sweetgreen, is Changing the Way People Eat

Sweetgreen is a high-end restaurant chain that specializes in fresh salads. It was founded in 2007 by Georgetown University classmates, and graduates, Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet. They consider themselves co-CEOs and operate their company in a creative way. For example, they do not have a corporate headquarters but rather prefer to work out of each of their 40 restaurants.

They work bi-coastally, essentially they jet set around the U.S. to work in their restaurants. Several times a year the corporate employees shut down daily operations to work in their physical locations. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

The trio also feels passionate about incorporating technology into their business, in fact, 30% of restaurant transactions are through the internet. Their innovation has garnered the attention of several investors that have helped the chain to further expand to more of the country. Boston and Chicago are on the list of cities in which to open a new location soon with more to come. Sweetgreen has been growing quickly in the ten short years they’ve been open with more expansion on the horizon.

Nathaniel Ru, co-CEO of Sweetgreen , is a visionary in the restaurant industry. He has helped make their salad restaurant popular, trendy, and, best of all, successful. Clean lines, modern decor and expertly selected locations are just a couple of the reasons people line up to get into Sweetgreen.

Ru also feels strongly about using fresh, local ingredients and it shows in the quality of their food. They work with local farmers to source ingredients.

They also offer personalized service, each salad is created by the same person from start to finish making it easier for customers to get exactly what they would like. This was a recent change, previously each salad was passed through several hands during the salad-making process. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

Ru and his counterparts also have embraced technology. People can place their order on Sweetgreen’s mobile app to skip the lines. Finally, Ru wanted to make their menu affordable, and it is. People can’t resist a great meal, wonderful ambiance, and excellent priced. Ru and Sweetgreen have found their ticket to long-lasting success in the very competitive restaurant industry.