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Michael Zomber: Books and Films on Samurai Culture

As a prominent author and historian, Michael Zomber published Shogun lemitsu. This book clearly highlights his passion for samurai culture and other Japanese traditions. In the early summer of 2016, Zomber used the iUniverse podcast to discuss Shogun lemitsu and many other relevant topics. During the online broadcast, he talks about what inspired him to write about the brutal history of 17th-century Japan.

Michael Zomber has been collecting antique Japanese weapons for decades. In fact, some of his most valuable possessions include samurai swords that have actually been used in combat. By having his hands on such antique weapons, he feels some sort of spiritual connection with the elite warriors who played a major role in Japan’s rich history. It was only natural for Zomber to publish books that focused specifically on the samurai warriors. In addition to writing Shogun lemitsu, he has also authored another similar book called Jesus and the Samurai. In this title, Zomber informs the readers about the history of Christianity in various parts of Asia. The audience might be surprised to learn that this religion already spread to China and India as early as the third century A.D. Additionally, Zomber also shocks the readers by discussing the harsh details of persecution of Christians in Japan.

He and his wife Andrea opened a small production studio called Renascent Films. The Zombers successfully launched a short documentary called the Soul of the Samurai. In this film, he talks about the rigorous customs and vicious fighting tactics of the samurai warriors. The Soul of the Samurai provides a very detailed overview on Bushido, which is a code of honor that ultimately decided the lives of many samurai warriors. In his books and films, Zomber is more than happy to discuss the extreme way of life of the samurai.

Michael Zomber spent most of his early childhood in Pennsylvania. As a husband and father, he decided to return to this state in order to enjoy a peaceful family life.


Smart Kelly says:

Zomber also chose to resettle in Pennsylvania because of the many local experts who share his passion for antique weapons. Michael Zomber has taken his passion for samurai culture to other media. I do know for sure that has given these things over to what is happening.