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Malcolm Casselle: Blockchain Entrepreneur

Worldwide asset exchange is a new decentralized platform that promises to allow users across the globe to conduct transactions seamlessly between each other without the need for a third-party. This may seem like a revolutionary concept for those who are unfamiliar with blockchain or smart contract technology but it is becoming prevalent in numerous industries behind the scenes as developers are beginning to familiarize themselves with the concepts that underlined this revolutionary technology. The man behind the ideas over at worldwide asset exchange goes by the name of Malcolm Casselle. The recent success of the initial corn offering for worldwide asset exchange has made many people start to take notice of this seeming behemoth in the virtual asset industry.

However, despite the rapid success of worldwide asset exchange, this is not the first leadership role that the company’s president Malcolm Casselle has taken. In fact, prior to his role at worldwide asset exchange, he was already the chief investment officer of the world’s largest online video game marketplace OPSkins. In his role as the corporation’s chief investment officer, he was instrumental in the development of blockchain technology to facilitate transactions. Even before his role at OPSkins Malcolm Casselle was already well known in the digital asset industry and has held several other key leadership roles in various corporations. He has been an advocate for blockchain and smart contracts technology for much longer than most who are now core supporters of the revolutionary technology.

Malcolm Casselle was educated in the United States of America at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that he first earned a bachelors degree in computer science before returning to the same University in order to pursue his graduate education. He was ultimately awarded a Masters degree in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before entering the professional world. Since entering the professional world Malcolm Casselle has helped to introduce the ideas of blockchain technology as well as smart contract technology to a number of businesses in the digital technology industry.