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Larkin & Lacey Act of Protecting Human Rights

Larkin and Lacey are among the people in history who have taken their time to advocate for protection of human rights. Human rights are the inherent privileges to all individuals on earth. These rights ought to be protected and those who go against the law to violate the rights should be punished.

Social aspects such as place of residence, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, religion, color, language should not determine how human beings should be treated and how their rights should be protected. Larkin and Lacey fight to ensure all people are treated in the same way and that their rights are not violated.

According to Larking and lace, all people are entitled to human rights and for this reason; discrimination should be avoided at all cost. Human rights are indivisible and interdependent and at no point should they be violated.

There are many companies across the world that work towards making certain all human rights are protected. These organizations include: United Nations Human Rights Council, American Convention on Human Rights, European Convention on Human rights and nongovernmental organizations such as Amnesty International, International Service on Human rights and Human Rights Watch. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

There are law enforcement actions taken to make sure people who go against the law by violating human rights are punished.

Organizations dealing with protection of human rights play a great role across the globe. The fact that there are various organizations shows that Lacey and Larkin have support in their cause. They stand for what they believe in since they are not the only ones fighting for protection of human rights.

With support from other organizations on the same cause, they know that in the long run violation of human rights and discriminating people based on gender, social class, race and other aspects will be brought to an end. Civil human and migrant rights are among the rights which have to be protected just like any other rights

Larkin and Lacey concentrate on human rights protection because they intend to create a society where people treat each other right. All the organizations mentioned above including Larkin and Lacey as individuals, have the same goal of making sure all human beings are treated right. In the beginning it was a challenge separating human rights from issues that were faced by migrants.

As a result, it was decided that all advocacy groups fall under one major body referred to as the International Migrants Bill of Rights Initiative. After creating the major unit it became easy to handle human rights issues.