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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Reverse Showroom Techniques

The Kate Hudson’s Fabletics operates an online retailing business that targets female shoppers. They retail athleisure since they are fit for both leisure and athletic activities. It offers a broad range of shop and online store choices. Besides, customers experience a wide variety of athletic or training gear for your choice. The stores offer a mixture of fashion, fitness, and professional wear; hence, Fabletics is primarily a business brand by its own right. Ideally, anyone can find a suitable and fitting gear from the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics stores. The company’s products command comfort, beauty, affordability and complete functionality.


The firm has succeeded in satisfying the fashion taste of various famous actors and favorite personalities. Interestingly, the co-founder of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is an artist who found pleasure in fulfilling and supporting women to adopt active and healthy living through the provision of high quality but affordable fitness products. Any woman can find something for her taste and fitness preferences. The enterprise encourages women to look good even during intense training.


By 2016, Fabletics had expanded into a $250 million venture that was competitively fighting for the activewear market niche with Amazon. Besides, the Fabletics brand is actively competing with various old and new entrepreneurs who blend the taste of fashion and affordability in active wear industry. The company has grown beyond the United States borders. Numerous Fabletics activewear and fashion stores exist today. There are branches in United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.


The company has invested a significant amount of money in fortifying their portfolio. The investment of $250million seems a good strategy. The money will help the company compete with Amazon, which currently enjoys a 20% market share of activewear e-commerce market. The customer subscription approach seems a good strategy for the company to acquire and maintain a rich customer base. The subscription services offer clients with a sense of convenience.  The members tend to browse items online as well as visit physical Fabletics stores for the same products.


In 2017, Kate Hudson is planning to increase the number of fashion fitness shops from 18 to 30. The activewear stores deal in high quality and accessible price point leisurewear and sportswear collections. The particulars include leggings, sports tops and bras, loungewear, dresses, and swimwear. The fashion retailer’s stores were designed to elevate the overall brand experience for customers to feel the touch of quality and provide customers with up to date fashion fitness products.


The enterprise has subscribed more than one million customers around the eight countries listed above. To attract more customers, active subscribers can purchase products at a discounted price up to 50%. The members are always welcomed to order for customized brands that meet their body measurements, configurations as well as taste and preferences.


Zariyah Briggs says:

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics was established to fill the market gap, which was evident in 2013, on providing access to activewear products. The reverse showrooming strategy appears to work well for Fabletics too. It may also mean that superior essay can have these things handled properly so all things could work very well too.