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Kate Hudson: Co-Founder Of Fabletics With A Vision To Change Online Marketing

Fabletics by Kate Hudson is an online subscription retailer store that sells accessories and sportswear for women, normally referred to as “athleisure.” Fabletics is best known for its online business approach but also has eighteen conventional stores. It provides personalized outfits chosen for its members based on their fashion and lifestyle preferences. It’s a subsidiary of JustFab that renamed to TechStyle Fashion Group in the mid of 2016.



Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler in July 2013 and launched officially on 1st October 2013. In June 2015, Fabletics also launched FL2, its active wear line for men with an actor, Oliver Hudson, and co-founder, Kate’s brother. In March, Fabletics expanded the inventory beyond sportswear by adding swimsuits and dresses. The company has gained press exposure repeatedly for their tactics about online marketing and advertising. According to Forbes, it has increased revenue by thirty-five percent every year, with a worth of US$250 million within few years of business. The company uses a different type of pop-up stores to increase the clientele which directly means raise in membership.



Membership is completely free and like an ordinary subscription where VIP Members get an email at the starting of every month exhibiting them new looks. And they’ve until 5th of this month to decide if they’d like to skip or shop; however, affiliates who decline to skip would charge US$49.95 that turns into a store credit which never expires. When getting registered, members are needed to complete a survey concerning their lifestyle and workout preferences. At the beginning of every month, outfits which are personalized, chosen for every member based on such preferences.



In only a few years Fabletics has generated more than twenty million followers on Twitter and also has opened eighteen retail stores. Within very short span of time, Fabletics managed to get 1.2 million monthly members globally, who gets discounts of up to half on purchasing their favorite apparel. Starting at US$49, members get a sports bra, top, and bottoms based on fashion and lifestyle preferences of theirs. The idea for Fabletics is to get on-trend fashion and personalized services at discounted prices.



While celebrities certainly help, an actress, who won the Golden Globe saw a chance to adopt e-commerce model of Warby Parker and design high-quality, affordable line that inspires all women, despite age, size or ability to purchase, to feel and look their best and embrace a healthy, active lifestyle.



Hudson’s way to design affordable, fashionable fitness apparel for fashion-savvy individuals has been an inspirational journey, and she learned numerous lessons in his journey to build a market for her new product in such competitive environment. These few points are worth reading that she shared to learn more about marketing opportunities. Identify marketing opportunities, Stay hands on, Rely on data to make appropriate decisions, Get inspired and Take risks and believe in yourself. Hudson’s motto is very simple: Live your life with passion. Try to keep that in view, and you will become fearless.


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