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Jose Hawilla – The Makings of an Entrepreneur

Jose Hawilla was not always the rich businessman he is today. He was also once an ordinary employee who had a regular paycheck that answered most of his and his family’s basic need.

Jose Hawilla’s career as a journalist allowed him to cover important events that occur internationally and nationally. Jose spent a decade in being a media man before he took the risk and bought Traffic since he wants independence and freedom from the rigors of working daily and being just another employee. Check out estadao to see more.

His vision was great when he bought Traffic, but his start-up was not good because his company was only able to place ads on bus stops. However, this did not hinder Hawilla from forging ahead until his company was able to secure advertisements that were large enough to be placed on the billboards of stadiums.

Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur like Jose Hawilla, who had the following characteristics that him a successful businessman today. You can search on Google for more.

Has Motivation

  • Individuals who would like to start a small business must be properly motivated to accomplish tasks and goals within the need of being reminded to do so.

Must Desire Independence

  • The main reason people start their own ventures is that they would like to be free and be independent from a fix or regular schedule that could be boring.

Can React Quickly to Change

  • Entrepreneurs must be resilient and flexible by being able to adjust themselves to changes that often occur when one is in business. And one way to cope with this is to have backup plans.


  • Since entrepreneurs own their business, they should devote their time to working all the kinks out of their respective business. Failures abound, and small business owners readily accept them while making new plans on how to prevent the same mistakes from happening again in the future.

Be a Good Communicator

  • As a business owner, it is vital for the survival and success of the business to be able to communicate correctly with employees, outside investors, and clients because these three aspects can contribute to the company’s longevity and prosperity.

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