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Jose Hawilla Inspires Upcoming Investors

There is no doubt that Jose Hawilla is a public figure. He is an influential person in the business community in Brazil for many reasons. The Brazilian mogul beat the odds to develop a company that has emerged as a top sports advertising firm. Traffic Group has become a multinational advertising entity. He was born in Sao Paulo in 1943. For more details visit globo




Jose Hawilla’s Business Path



He began as a sports journalist in 1980. He worked as a reporter for several media houses and rose to the point of producing his own sports talk-show. He discovered that since the sport was so popular, he could make some money out of it. He started a sports newspaper that circulated in Sao Paulo and its interior. Many critics never thought that Jose Hawilla could make a business out of sporting. So he received nothing but discouragement and ridicule from his friends and associates. He never gave up, though. Contrary to popular belief that nothing material could emerge out of sports reporting and business venture. The newspaper spread like bushfire and was soon one of the most widely read paper in Sao Paulo. Check out




Learning to Invest From Jose Hawilla



Investment is not for the faint hearts. It takes courage to go against the grain. An investor is, more or less, like an inventor. While people can learn to become successful most investors refine their innate investment skills. Jose Hawilla is a classic example of a born investor. He quit a well paying and successful sports journalism career to start his own chain of newspapers that soon grew and became Sao Paulo’s most widely read newspapers. He was fired and rehired by Rede Globo but it is apparent that Hawilla was not cut out to become anyone’s employee. He is now the founder and owner of Brazil’s most prestigious and successful sports marketing outfit called Traffic. Traffic Group has even worked with the World Sports giant Nike on various s projects including the World Cup.



So, what is the Difference between an investor and an employee?




To become an investor, one must have an innate drive to be the originator of ideas that run a business. Ideas are the most important aspect of investment. Once an idea is born, it needs to be nurtured in the right environment. Financial resources are like the manure a farmer adds to a plant that has already shot out of the ground. Not everyone is cut out to become an entrepreneur, though. Some people are best at keeping routines. They prefer to maintain the status quo. They wake up every morning to execute established routines and programs.


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