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How InnovaCare Is Transforming Its Leadership For Performance And Success

InnovaCare Health is a leading Puerto Rico-based healthcare services provider that has for years established a service that is transforming the healthcare industry. The company works with leading professionals to streamline service delivery and enhance the implementation of different projects that are aimed at offering better healthcare programs to the residents of Puerto Rico.

One of the measures the company has embraced to make their processes easy and successful is coming up with new technological processes that have injected speed and efficiency to the execution of different projects. Hiring is another tactic that InnovaCare Health has applied in a bid to ensure its service provision system is streamlined and designed to cater for the achievement of success in the company. The company has appointed executives who have brought a new experience and skills that will steer its different sections.

Among few professionals hired to work in executive positions, Jonathan Meyers comes in with exceptional skills that will ensure InnovaCare Health comes out as a leading provider of managed healthcare services within the country.

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Jonathan joins InnovaCare Health to work as the chief actuary and his office is expected to fast track the execution of programs that can enhance the access to Medicare and Medicaid programs among customers. He injects more than 20 years of experience into InnovaCare Health and offers exceptional leadership that will work with the management team to steer the company to greater heights on

Mike Sortino, an accountant whose resume speaks dedication and success, will be working as the chief accountant and his role will see the accounting and finance departments work together to streamline the implementation of projects and manage finances. He also enjoys over 20 years of experience in the industry and is confident his position will lead to success and stability.

About the management of InnovaCare Health
Dr. Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA, is the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health and his leadership has seen the company grow from a basic position in the market to a leader within the Puerto Rico area.

Dr. Richard Shinto works closely with Penelope Kokkinides in the running of InnovaCare Health. Penelope is the Chief Administrative Officer and her many years in executive roles have offered her an advantage for leading the company.

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