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FreedomPop Shows What’s Possible When Building on a Solid Foundation

A recent review of cellphone service also served as a retrospective of sorts. The review was focused on a cellphone company called FreedomPop. But in looking at FreedomPop’s benefits it also helped to highlight some of the deficiencies in how people look at cellphone service. The FreedomPop review began on an interesting note. The author was thinking back on a time when people didn’t feel that the internet should ever have a price tag attached to it. The story went on to consider the fact that everyone had forgotten those past ideals. The catch is that there was one company which remembered. This might come as a bit of a shock to many people.


After all, cellphone companies are notorious for the high prices that are usually associated with them. The article went on to look at the ways in which FreedomPop is changing the way people look at cellphone and internet service for the better. Of course the biggest draw of FreedomPop is right in the name.


FreedomPop offers a variety of different services for free. The only thing to keep in mind is that there’s a limit to the services offered each month. One can talk on the phone for free, but there’s a limit of around 200 minutes. People have unlimited texting, but it does make use of the data plan. And users are allotted 500MB of data on their internet plan every month for free. But it’s important to keep in mind just how large those numbers can be. Assuming that an average email or a larger webpage is around 100KB than that equals out to around 5000 unique data loads per month. And all of that for free.


Of course there are other options when that limit is reached. An small additional fee will increase the monthly limits. This is still paying for service, but it’s at a small enough price point that most other carriers are still charging ten or even twenty times more in comparison. There’s also an option that’s unique to FreedomPop, and fairly new at that. For only $5, FreedomPop users can tie into a new wifi service. One can essentially piggyback on top of that wifi to supplement existing phone and internet service. For example, texting will come out of the unlimited wifi allotment rather than the 500MB of free data. And any actual internet use when near a supported wifi point will effectively be unlimited when using the $5 plan.




Amara Haiden says:

I think customer satisfaction should always be the target of all business persons because they can’t do without the customers so the need to satisfy them is key. Also review shows us how FreedomPop are doing he business of making customers go wild about how good doing business with them can be like and i give hem that because they have done so well in addressing the internet needs of customers most especially following the high internet price tag that most internet providers attach to their service.