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EOS Fuels The Future Of Lip Care

Glide the product onto your lips and it won’t take you long to determine why the brand is named Evolution of Smooth. Hear the story the co-founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller shared with and you’ll get an even truer understanding of the “evolution” element.

Lip balm has certainly evolved since Mehra and Teller developed their startup EOS. Once a bland and boring product marketed to chapped lips, it has become an exciting and enticing beauty product. Today, EOS lip balm can be found in the purses of a multitude of Millennials. Are you wondering why yet?

EOS is an organic lip balm that comes in a variety of fun flavors like sweet mint (, honeydew and grapefruit. It’s silky consistency rolls onto lips like no balm you’ve ever experienced! The aroma from the product delights the senses and has a delightfully delicious taste. It’s smooth cylindrical packaging makes users want to pick it up and carry it along throughout their day.

In fact, that is exactly what has happened, consumers are being spotted with the product everywhere. In the past seven years, the product has become an everyday product in women’s beauty regimens and a staple in their handbags. Stars like Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian have been spotted with product. It has become a common product on the shelves of drugstores. EOS even has a strong presence on social media platforms.

Want EOS? Order now! Go to the Evolution of Smooth website, or the Racked online store.


Alissa Cairo says:

It is clear to see that EOS has changed the way customers consider lip mind and that nearness of this item will just reinforce in fame. The vital factor is edusson reliable has become a hot debate of the past months.