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End Citizens United Endorses Doug Jones

End Citizens United made public their endorsement of the Democratic nominee for U.S Senate Doug Jones. Doug Jones will be up against Roy Moore in the special elections scheduled for 12th December. Mr. Jones has been a practicing attorney in the U.S. In its endorsement statement, End Citizens United described Roy Moore as an extremist who would go to any extent to defend a system that is corrupt and who favors the needs of few people over the residents of Alabama. The End Citizens United’s president, Tiffany Muller, said that the agendas of Roy Moore do not have a place in the Senate. He went ahead to state that Roy’s ideologies do not work in line with the views of Alabamians and the entire America.

End Citizens United compares and contrasts the character of Roy Moore and that of Doug Jones. They say that Roy would go to any extent to give more money to influence the political standings of Alabama. They claim that time over he has brought shame upon Alabamians by for instance paying himself and his wife over $1million from a charity he controlled. Doug Jones, on the other hand, has a character that is admirable. He has been a prosecutor with much integrity, not afraid to do what is right. End Citizens United believes that this is a character he will carry to the Congress. According to Jones, the residents of Alabama are tired of being left behind by Washington. All they need are reforms to med the political system that overlooks the Alabamians. He expressed his readiness to work alongside End Citizens United to curb the influence of Big Money in politics. Jones has achieved much. He, for instance, brought justice to the KKK members who bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church where four children died. ECU also states that he is committed to driving big money out of politics.

End Citizens United is a political action committee (PAC) that was created in the year 2015, to counter big money in politics. For its finances, End Citizens United relies on the donations from grassroots members. They intend to not only kick off big money in politics but to support candidates who are pro-reform. For a significant time now, End Citizens United has been a great supporter of Democratic leaders who intend to bring reforms to the people of America. The organization has observed that many Republicans are against the uncontrolled political spending, but their leadership, especially in Congress, are in support of big monies. Suppose the independent and Republican leaders and candidates were for reforms, there is no doubt that End Citizens United would support them. On the End Citizens United’s website, there are posts of its latest news as well as what it does.

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