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Empowerment in Romance with Whitney Wolfe

The dating world can be incredibly hazardous to navigate, especially for women. Women are all too familiar with the safety issues that come along with online dating, but in 2014, Whitney Wolfe introduced a concept that revolutionized the one-sided dynamic that we tend to find through dating apps. Wolfe created the app Bumble, a dating application that emphasizes meaningful connections, and empowers women to make the first move.

Whitney was one of the co-founders of the app Tinder, but after facing sexual harassment from her co-founder Justin Mateen, she left the company and settled her harassment case for approximately one million dollars. Wolfe had no plans to return to the dating industry after leaving Tinder in 2014, but with the help of Badoo founder Andrey Andreev, she was able to create the social space for women that she wanted to see, while offering people opportunities to network, date, and build business connections. Read more about Whitney Wolfe on Crunchbase.

The idea Whitney Wolfe had for Bumble was innovative in the way that she approached the dating world. On Bumble, people did not feel the same pressure to lean towards a romantic connection with their matches-they could instead assess the type of people they match with and determine whether the relationship would benefit them professionally or platonically. The app was also a big deal for heterosexual women because matches disappear after 24 hoore:urs if the woman decides not to message the man. In same-sex situations, either party has the power to message first. This made the app viable for a wider demographic, which led to over 100,000 consumers downloading the app in the first month alone. Whitney continues to demonstrate these principles in her other apps like BFF and Bizz, and offers countless pop-ups that teach women about career building and running a business.

Although Whitney Wolfe’s career has been rife with legal drama, she was able to thrive and find love in her personal life. In 2013, Whitney Wolfe became acquainted with Michael Herd through a mutual friend on a ski trip. The pair were engaged after dating for two years, and immediately after vacationed in Italy. Their wedding took place in Positano, and they have been happily married ever since.

Dating and Business are two endeavors that can provide many challenges for women, especially women like Whitney Wolfe. Being armed with technology that allows you to take control in your personal and professional life is something essential to women’s success. Thank to innovators like Whitney, women are taking back control, and leveling the playing field.

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