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Eating Good With OSI Is A Preferred Choice

Eating right is important to millions of people and that’s why they’re choosing an OSI Group diet. They prefer an organic diet over processed foods that contain GMO’s. Their meal is fortified with organic ingredients that offer you a safe diet.

As the world’s largest food processing network, they have over a century of experience. You have the opportunity to find out more about their food plan by taking a tour of their Illinois food plant. They’re dedicated to feeding your family a delicious meal that they can afford. You will find their foods in your grocer, restaurants, and meat markets.

The OSI Group knows how to spot a great partnership with the best international food groups in the industry. Their eye for successful mergers have led them to partner with the EU food group. Surprisingly, they’ve made a successful deal with the Flagship food group. More importantly, the deal was a success and allowed them to both benefit. OSI has been able to double their chicken production. However, Flagship has been able to grow their business portfolio. The success of the deal has been able to mimic their United States and Asian partnership. OSI will operate from their largest food group facility.

They have been able to highlight their team of executives by including their profiles on their website. However, their CEO, Sheldon Lavin has made headline news by creating a job plan that has allowed 7,000+ jobs around the world to help improve the socio-economic status of underprivileged adults. He was one of the first food team executives to take an interests in job initiatives for the people they serve. The OSI COO, David McDonald was quick to follow. He is also a graduate of the University of Illinois with over 16 years of experience. Together, they’ve also created a keep Illinois clean project.

The OSI Group processes hot dogs, meat patties, dessert, pie fillings, food condiments, frozen poultry, and sandwich meat. Their food team has been able to process the industry’s best foods under strict food regulations. Their food disclosure tells you exactly what’s in your food. They help you eat right and enjoy your diet at a price you can afford. Put a simple meal on your table that your family will love. Don’t be fooled by competitor networks that try to replicate their diet. The OSI Group also processes food for the Tyson food industry through a bid for a Chicago plant.

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