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Doe Deere’s Color By Any Other Name Would Be Lime Crime

Doe Deere (Xenia Vorotova), in 2008, founded the start-up cosmetic business called Lime Crime and is its CEO. She is a self-taught, Russian-born, makeup artist. She moved to New York City, at seventeen, and moved again to Los Angeles, California with her husband.


Lime Crime cosmetics is associated with bright colors. Doe Deere just does not talk about her products; she uses them. Deere sets the tone for each day, starting at 8:30 am, as the start of her morning routine. She found out the key to her morning success is to stay hydrated in the heat and dryness of L.A.


The next step is the stretch routine followed by fruit, yogurt, and grits. Because of her ultra-busy life, driven by Lime Crime, Deere lives and dies by her electronic calendar embedded in her SmartPhone, which is also opened to her Instagram.


This exceptional commitment to work is the key to her success. The SmartPhone keeps Deere in tune with her staff, befoe she steps into the front door of her business. She stays connected to her company 24/7 and maybe longer if that were humanly possible. She is constantly dreaming up new products.


The first step in her makeup routine is a wake-up call with the Glossier face wash. Now literally smelling like a rose, from the wash, Deere dives into the Murad ‘Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence’ moisturizer. This application is then followed by one of her several choices of the foundation. Lime Crime may have its foundation.


Doe Deere is now ready for the day starting at noon. She greets her team with lunch and then she’s on the phone all day doing her business.


Deere’s first attempt at branding her company was a grab bag approach to marketing. The start of her entrepreneurial venture was with Ebay, and the only name that was available for an Ebay registering, and to her liking was Lime Crime.


Just finding a name does not create a brand. Deere was seeking a vision for Lime Crime, something that separates herself from the competition.


She asked the fundamental question as to who would purchase her products. She came upon the brilliant idea that her products would be synonymous with happiness itself. The bright colors attracted people as honey attracts bees.


Out of Deere’s search for competitive products brought a new lipstick that stayed on the lips. Deere’s commitment is beyond people for her products would not contain any animal residues and would be vegan based.


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