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Cyber Criminals Will Lose

Cybersecurity is important for people today who have a business or just like to keep their digital lives personal. Many hackers who know how to get into an encrypted site are basically taking information that is not theirs which is why I bring up the importance of personal cyber security.


In today’s world, even the politicians are taking this personal cyber security seriously. Our new president Donald Trump has signed Obama’s invested millions of dollars to further secure the office’s cyber information. With that said, the information would not get into the criminal hand. This information is valuable and should not be shared or stolen.


Rubica is an online system which protects your online security from being obtained for financial gain from those thieves online. It is important because there are going to be online criminals that may find it easy to steal your information and could leave you in debt. With that said, for the higher offices, they would lose their money when trying to find a balance for their system which could cause a huge delay in the economy. This would affect everyone negatively as well.

Personal cyber security has become important for millions of people worldwide for protecting their information. Without it, they are prone to getting their data stolen. Alongside the millions of dollars invested in cyber security, people are feeling more safer with their information sealed from prying eyes.


As a result, we will no longer have to worry about our information stolen because we now have websites letting us know whether there are suspicious activities happening under our names. Overall, the internet is going to become a safe place for information since the President has also become concerned about this epidemic.

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