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Chicago-Based Madison Street Capital Is Nominated For The M&A Advisor Awards

Surviving in the financial industry isn’t easy. Financial businessmen are taught that nothing last forever in the capitalistic system and change is the only normal in the investment world. Finding a niche in the industry is important, but identifying that niche could take time. Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital, understood the risks when he co-founded his Chicago-based boutique investment firm. But Botchway stayed the course and found a place in the merger and acquisition segment of the industry.



Botchway not only found a place in mergers and acquisitions, he carved out new territory, and found a niche where his company could shine. Madison Street Capital has a history of receiving awards, but being a finalist for the 15th Annual M&A Awards is a great honor. The M&A Awards are the golden rings of achievement in the merger and acquisition industry. The awards recognize excellence in deal making, financing, and restructuring. Madison Street was nominated as the best boutique investment firm of the year. The company is being recognized for its role in putting Acuna & Associates S.A., and Dowco together in a very complex cross-border merger. The merger had a lot of moving parts, according to Madison Street’s Senior Managing Director, Karl D’Cunha.



This is not the first time Madison Street Capital is in the news for outstanding performance. Tony Marsala, the COO of the company, has won several awards for his outstanding work in the merger and acquisition industry. Marsala and Botchway like to put small and medium size companies together, and that strategy has made Madison Street Capital a leader in the boutique investment industry. Madison Street is also known for its valuation services in the global marketplace.



One of Madison Street’s recent challenges is watching fellow Chicago business giant, Sears start a major restructuring plan. Madison Street is not playing a major role in the restructuring because the Sears deal is a billion-dollar company, but the company is losing value and market share at an alarming rate. The Sears restructuring issue is an ongoing lesson in developing new partnerships and new opportunities. The Madison Street Capital reputation is based on developing new partnerships and cultivating new opportunities. The Sears debacle is just one of the deals Botchway and Marsala keep an eye on because Sears still plays an important role in the health of brick and mortar retail.


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