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I Was Hacked and Rubica Was a Life Saver!

As modern society tends to move more towards the digital, the level and severity of cyber attacks become increasingly dangerous to not only major institutions but the average person as well. Before, when wanting to protect your belongings, people would close their doors and lock the key, however in this digital age, just that is not enough. With many of our private and personal information held within our online accounts, it’s become more important than ever to protect what’s ours with cyber security. I was hacked before and know the dangers of having your information in the hands of another. With cyber attacks increasing each year at an alarming rate, it becomes important to take your personal security more seriously.


When I was hacked, I panicked and started searching for resources to better help me protect my personal information from those who know the digital machinations better than I do. When I found Rubica, it honestly changed my life. Rubica provides full-service, world class, cyber security that can protect all of your devices from cyber attacks. This program helps monitor your activity to prevent any malicious intent and give added security to your life.


I was hacked before, but now with Rubica, I can be sure that my information is safe for good.