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Brazilian Culture Figures Heavily In The Work Of Alexandre Gama

The work of the Brazilian advertising executive Alexandre Gama has become a major part of the global marketing industry after the successful advertising creative set out to develop his career with work completed in London and across the planet. Alexandre Gama may be a major part of the Brazilian advertising industry, but his work takes in much more than simply the advertising industry that he has become iconic within; for Alexandre Gama the youth of Brazil are missing out on an amazing opportunity to develop their interests to include a range of iconic Brazilian cultural traditions. One of these is the Brazilian guitar style that Gama has become a much lauded expert in to such as extent he has founded the VIOLAB foundation that aims to publicize the playing of classical Brazilian guitar styles through a range of media, including a popular YouTube channel.

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Meilani Caden says:

Without saying much if you believe in the cultural dynamics of a people then you can say so much to them on several levels. Someone will have to use to actually learn so much about where to lead in media and advertising. For experts actually the study in this sense is more co-cultural and mutually exclusive to have in society.