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Beauty Is Now At The RealReal

The RealReal is a luxury resale e-commerce site that has operations at locations in pop-up shops in Las Vegas and SoHo’s in Manhattan.

The company has recently added beauty products to their collection. SoHo has had the beauty products available for sale since the holiday season, and the shops in Las Vegas have as well.

The chief merchant at The RealReal, Rati Levesque, stated that they are testing their beauty products because they wish to meet their customers’ needs. Levesque wants for their customers to trust them and to be able to find their luxury needs in their wide variety of selections. “Right now we are in the early stages, but plan to invest more heavily in the category in coming months.” Levesque said.

The RealReal’s new beauty products, that they recently added in their collection, are being sold and they include brands such as: Ellis Brooklyn, Maison Louis Marie, Joanna Vargas, Olio E Osso, Babo Botanicals, and many more. They are also now receiving their products directly and not from any third-parties.

At first being an apparel store, The RealReal has finally included beauty products to their store. And it is also one of the latest retail stores to include beauty supplies. Other retail stores that added beauty space last year are Forever 21, Anthropologie, Madewell, and Free People. And now with beauty products to attract more customers, the company is hoping that their brand will expand and become more popular.

Julie Wainwright, who is the founder and CEO of The RealReal, stated that the company, along with beauty brands, is also getting home brands that want to sell their new products at their store. It is the start of new opportunities and growth for The RealReal, and Julie Wainwright claimed that they are getting ready for the special sales.


Miya Rylan says:

A growing company adds more products or services to it’s line, this no doubt will add to its customer base. I think this is what RealReal has done. I believe will continue to serve her clients with valuable services which would continue to project high the company. The Maison Louis Marie, one of their beauty product is widely used by many customers and indeed has returned lots of positive reviews.