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AvaTrade Offers Regulation Amidst Fraud

The Forex Market remains the top global market in trade. Every day trillions of dollars in cash currency goes back and forth. But in a completely digital market, where investors fill out base information for online accounts. Scamming and fraud are frequent, and suspicions of investors are piqued. Brokerage firms talk a good game, but they have to back up talk with legitimate regulation. Investors want a return of their money, and a profit, not an empty account someone pilfered. AvaTrade is a Forex broker bearing regulation from main bodies in the European Union. The firm is based in Ireland and does a lot of business with the Central Bank of Ireland. AvaTrade also bears registry with the Spanish CNMV.


AvaTrade has proven itself to be a legitimate Forex Broker. It is regulated by many main bodies within the EU, one of which is the Central Bank of Ireland. AvaTrade is registered with Spanish CNMV. In a market flush with scams and fraudulent brokers, AvaTrade stands out for its reliability. Even more so the firm does not charge commission. Many favor AvaTrade because of the propensity to save money, they also prefer the broker because it offers a highly competitive spread. The broker also appreciates a vast leverage with the potential to reach 1:400.


AvaTrade review is located in Dublin, Ireland. It has actual offices that investors can visit, which really provides the site credibility. It is able to operate without commission by using spreads to create slight differentials. These differentials add a price difference within the transaction, save investors form being charger per trade, and provide AvaTrade all the funding they need to operate their business. The spreads are based on the platforms the broker uses. The main one is Meta Trader 4, and they also have a proprietary platform, both of which use a minimum of 0.3 pips. The proprietary platform also offers OTC trading. Investors can trade in CFD’s and currency pairs. AvaTrade even allows CFD trading in Bitcoin. The wealth of options allows investors easy use of the market, and wide opportunity for successful returns.