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Ara Chackerian making a significant impact in the healthcare industry

In the areas of San Francisco, California in the world of business and philanthropy, Ara Chackerian has made a name for himself. So much of the services that he offers the people are based on community-based efforts. The best times of his career he spent them in the healthcare field. Over the years that Ara Chackerian has been in services, he has been trying to build a bridge that can be used to bring together technology and healthcare services. The other interest that he has apart from healthcare is the youth and environment developments causes.

Currently, Chackerian offers his services to ASC Capital Holdings, LLC where he is the managing director. The company offers its help to the companies that are in their early stages by investing in their course. Before his current position, he was involved in co-founding other companies including BMS Diagnostics, PipelineRx and TMS Health Solutions. The other good thing is that the companies mentioned he had held executive positions. Chackerian attended Florida State University where he attained his Bachelor’s degree.

The other thing that Ara Chackerian does is writing about different topics. One thing that he has written about is suicide and how people can get through suicide stigma. In the piece, he writes that even if suicide each day will claim over 100 lives, not so many people talk about it. Even when it comes to the news, they won’t mention it but gloss over the cause. The obituaries won’t even mention that the cause of death was suicide. Each year the number of Americans that will take their own lives will be 45,000, despite this statistics people still choose to treat suicide as a secret. To see more visit


People are not sometimes to blame but the fear and misunderstanding that comes with suicide. Talking about suicide will need people to be vulnerable and admit about depression. The victims and family of suicide don’t talk about it because they feel guilty thinking there is something that they could have done, but it’s too late. The thing about suicide is that people don’t know how to react to it and how to recognize it in the first place. For more details checkout