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Advertising Executive Lori Senecal Brings A Global Perspective To The Ad World

Many executives tend to under-utilize their company’s most vital resource: their employees. Many employees, especially in the advertising world, pursue their careers because they are interested in solving problems that shape their companies and influence their industries. However at more than a few companies some employees can find themselves feeling as though their full potential is not being capitalized upon within the context of their position. It is often clear that their employers and supervisors are not interested in what the employees think about how the company can become more efficient and more effective in distinguishing itself from other competitors that exist in the marketplace.

If you were to speak to employees who have worked at organizations that have been led by advertising executive Lori Senecal, however, you would probably find that they had opportunities to be heard that other employees are not accustomed to having. According to Campaign Live magazine when Senecal was working as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of KBS+ she worked to promote employee engagement by making a class on the world of venture capital available to her employees. Campaign Live notes that Lori’s goal in providing her employees with training in venture capital was not to encourage them to necessarily enter the world of investment management but to spur them to be more proactive when it came to transforming the way that the company did business. This sort of effort was part of a management strategy wherein Lori empowered the people working under her to be able to work on projects that could generate money for the company and for the employee that proposed it. From the outside looking in it appears as though Lori values creating an environment within the organizations that she runs that are similar to a startup where creativity is valued and leveraged to give the business a competitive advantage.

In 2015 Lori transitioned from her role as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of KBS+ into being the Global Chief Executive Officer of the advertising firm CP+B. At CP+B Lori was able to leverage her experience building an international advertising business. Under her leadership, KBS+ went from being a firm that focused on US-based business to a firm that grew to have a staff of nearly 1,000 people working to provide advertising solutions to businesses located around the world. In her role as Global Chief Executive Officer of CP+B Lori is responsible for overseeing CP+B’s global offices and focusing on growing the firm’s international business.