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A Look at the Success in the Recent Years

A Look at the Success of Nexbank in the Recent Years

Nexbank SSB has been making headlines in Wall Street and media due to the right reasons. The bank has expanded its clientele base across the US and is currently working in philanthropic projects with other institutions to improve the financial stability of the society. Apart from merger projects, the bank has engaged in a partnership with EVERFI to promote financial education.

Its merger project

Nexbank SSB has in the past engaged in several dealings in order to improve its performance. In 2015, the bank acquired the College Savings Bank which is based in New Jersey. The bank of interest initially had about 529 programs relating to college saving plans. The CEO of the bank, John Holt, had noted that the acquisition was significant as it would influence the Nexbank’s branding and name as well as maintain its divisions. College Savings Bank is well known for majoring only in college savings since its foundation, and the merger would increase its efficiency in service provision.

Nexbank’s receives the award for Financial Capability Innovation

Recently, EVERFI recognized the bank for being one of the most innovative banks across the US through its Financial Capability Innovation Award. The choice of award winners was based on the ability of individual banking institutions to reach their initiatives and goals in relation to financial services as well as education. For sure, Nexbank deserved the award owing to the fact that it has made several signs of progress over the years.

The bank had partnered with EVERFI in the introduction of a new program, MoneyWork that is expected to enhance financial literacy. The program is targeting low and moderate income school where the education is facilitated without any additional costs to the students or the schools. The program is currently available in different languages including Spanish and English and utilizes gaming and simulation technologies which ease the complex concepts of finance. Up to date, the program has reached about 2,400 students in Garland and Dallas.

About Nexbank

Nexbank Capital is a financial service provider which offers a range of quality products and services to its clients in the commercial banking, institutional, and mortgage banking sectors. The bank is formerly a part of the NexBank Corporation which is also a financial service company. Founded in 1922, the bank is situated in Texas, Dallas. Because of its success, the company’s assets have greatly grown by up to $8.4 billion which has placed it among the top banks in the U.S.