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Sam Tabar Investment Tips for New Year

It was January 2015, that time of the year when people were beginning to plan their New Year’s Resolutions. According to that time’s Fidelity Investments report, 54% of consumers planned to make viable financial resolutions for that New Year.

However, the complex investments securities industry can be overwhelming to the amateurs. Bloomberg has it that the Columbia Law School-trained attorney and top capital strategist Sam Tabar luckily volunteered to reveal his top investment tips to assist all those newcomers who were looking to boost their net worth and plan for an early retirement in the New Year. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

Sam Tabar, the renowned financial strategist cautioned the people who were planning to beef up their portfolio through commodity trading that it would not be a walk in the park. According to the expert, these types of investments were riskier that the traditional bets like the mutual funds.

Commodity markets are more volatile than the stock markets or the mutual funds, so it is wise for investors to conduct their due diligence prior investing in that sector.

Another option of the traditional stock market is investing in the private sector. Social entrepreneurship is booming and investing in social platforms is good opportunity to make good money while assisting others.

According to, Sam Tabar knows this first hand after having recently invested in THINX. THNX is a socially conscious women’s underwear manufacturer. For each pair of product sold by THINX, it donates seven sanitary pads to AFRIpads, which eventually donates the sanitary supplies to the needy girls in Africa.

The financial legend, however, noted that no matter the route novice investors chose, a properly diversified portfolio is very critical. He said that it is easy for novice investors to get confused up in a new and exciting investment endeavors or a stock that is currently outdoing its peers.

But all good things should come to an end while you want to ensure that you do not keep all your eggs in one basket when the hot stock comes back.

Tabar’s most crucial piece of advice was that the best time to begin investing is the present. You do not have to wait for your retirement years to wish you had started investing earlier.

Capital Group’s Tim Armour Makes The Case for Active Funds

Warren Buffett has made the case that the majority of people who invest should stick with a passive fund that follows the S&P 500. The fees are very low and this strategy will beat the results of the majority of actively managed funds. Recently Tim Armour, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the financial firm Capital Group, wrote an article on CNBC stating that active funds should play a role in your portfolio.

Armour agrees with Warren Buffett that most funds don’t “earn their keep” as they have fees that are far too high, excessive trading (which drives up costs), and can’t match the performance of the S&P 500. However, that’s not all active funds and also downplays the risks of passive investing. Tim Armour says that there are good mutual funds that have lower fees and don’t trade excessively. The other benefit to actively managed mutual funds is that they avoid the main pitfall of passive funds which will rise and fall with the market. This benefit is that the manager can mitigate the losses when the markets are going down while a passive fund can’t.

Tim Armour has spent his entire professional career at Capital Group where he started in their The Associates Program. While he is the Chairman and CEO of Capital Group he also continues to serve as a financial advisor. He was named the Chairman after the unfortunate passing of Jim Rothenberg, the previous Chairman of the company. He is a graduate of Middlebury College where he earned his bachelor’s in economics.

Armour oversaw the partnership Capital Group formed with Samsung Asset Management. This partnership was formed to develop active investing strategies in South Korea. In a statement about the partnership, he said that the broader plan was to co-develop investment solutions for Korean investors.

Betsy DeVos Meteoric Rise to Fame

Elisabeth Betsy DeVos has been described in many circles as a formidable advocate, champion of the environment and an open-minded philanthropist. An overview on describes her as a proven leader, innovator and disruptor with lots of interest in politics, education and business. Betsy is a former Chairperson of a privately held investment and management firm called The Windquest Group. The Michigan based firm holds a diverse portfolio of consumer goods and services. On the political front, Betsy has actively been involved in politics for more than 35 years, although most of her recent political efforts are trained on advancing educational choices. Being a staunch Republican, she has been elected the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party 4 times and served the GOP in various other capacities. The engagements have revolved around the Republican Party grassroots organization, campaigning and serving on the political action committees.

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With regards to philanthropy and communal responsibilities, Betsy previously held the position of Chairman of the Philanthropy Roundtable and American Federation of Children. She served on the board of the Philanthropy Roundtable from December 2014 to 2016 and Devos Institute of Arts and Management from 2010 to 2016. Betsy has also served on the boards of the American Enterprise Institute, the University of Maryland, Foundation for Excellence in Education and ArtPrize among other interest groups and organizations. Some of the organizations that have benefited from Betsy and her husband’s largesse according to Politico, include; non-profit group Alliance for School Choice, Foundation for Excellence in Education and Grand Rapids Christian School Association. The list of beneficiaries also includes the University of Maryland College Park Foundation and JF. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. Betsy DeVos received her education at the Holland Christian High School in Michigan.

She later attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and obtained her Bachelors of Arts Degree. Betsy is a staunch supporter of the family unit. She is married to Dick DeVos, a renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist and public activist. Together, Betsy and Dick are proud parents of 4 children and 5 grandchildren. To add to her already glowing list of achievements, President Donald Trump appointed Betsy his choice for Education Secretary on 7th February, a feature appearing on Cosmopolitan magazine reveals. Although she spent many years advocating for privatization of schools and spread of school voucher program, Betsy did not have any prior experience working in the education sector. In her new position, she will be charged with leading the Department of Education, ensuring equal access to education, setting education policy and fighting all forms of discrimination in the US school system. The article reiterates that Betsy 59, was born in Western Michigan and has long been a strong advocate and supporter of the Republican Party.

EOS Fuels The Future Of Lip Care

Glide the product onto your lips and it won’t take you long to determine why the brand is named Evolution of Smooth. Hear the story the co-founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller shared with and you’ll get an even truer understanding of the “evolution” element.

Lip balm has certainly evolved since Mehra and Teller developed their startup EOS. Once a bland and boring product marketed to chapped lips, it has become an exciting and enticing beauty product. Today, EOS lip balm can be found in the purses of a multitude of Millennials. Are you wondering why yet?

EOS is an organic lip balm that comes in a variety of fun flavors like sweet mint (, honeydew and grapefruit. It’s silky consistency rolls onto lips like no balm you’ve ever experienced! The aroma from the product delights the senses and has a delightfully delicious taste. It’s smooth cylindrical packaging makes users want to pick it up and carry it along throughout their day.

In fact, that is exactly what has happened, consumers are being spotted with the product everywhere. In the past seven years, the product has become an everyday product in women’s beauty regimens and a staple in their handbags. Stars like Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian have been spotted with product. It has become a common product on the shelves of drugstores. EOS even has a strong presence on social media platforms.

It is clear to see that EOS has changed the way consumers think about lip care and that presence of this product will only strengthen in popularity!

Want EOS? Order now! Go to the Evolution of Smooth website, or the Racked online store.

A Company Like Securus Technologies

When looking for a company that cares about the world, a person doesn’t need to look further than Securus Technologies. They create many different ways to protect the public and the inmates in facilities. They are publishing letters from the public that help assist the law to fight and solve crimes.


In order to make more of an impact, they are inviting the public to come to a presentation at their business office in Dallas, TX. This when the public can get to see the latest technologies they are working on, and they can ask any questions they may have. Taking a tour of the facility will be both interesting and educational, and it will allow the public to see how important the work that this company does is to the country and the world.


Since they are a leader in the public safety field, this company knows what they are doing, and they are sought after by many companies and the government for what they can do. It is all about the safety of the people, whether it be in the civil or criminal sectors of justice, and this company strives for perfection in every job that they complete. In the future, they will continue to create new ways to protect people on a weekly basis. They will also become even better known in the country and all around the world for the great work that they do on a regular basis.



FreedomPop Shows What’s Possible When Building on a Solid Foundation

A recent review of cellphone service also served as a retrospective of sorts. The review was focused on a cellphone company called FreedomPop. But in looking at FreedomPop’s benefits it also helped to highlight some of the deficiencies in how people look at cellphone service. The FreedomPop review began on an interesting note. The author was thinking back on a time when people didn’t feel that the internet should ever have a price tag attached to it. The story went on to consider the fact that everyone had forgotten those past ideals. The catch is that there was one company which remembered. This might come as a bit of a shock to many people.


After all, cellphone companies are notorious for the high prices that are usually associated with them. The article went on to look at the ways in which FreedomPop is changing the way people look at cellphone and internet service for the better. Of course the biggest draw of FreedomPop is right in the name.


FreedomPop offers a variety of different services for free. The only thing to keep in mind is that there’s a limit to the services offered each month. One can talk on the phone for free, but there’s a limit of around 200 minutes. People have unlimited texting, but it does make use of the data plan. And users are allotted 500MB of data on their internet plan every month for free. But it’s important to keep in mind just how large those numbers can be. Assuming that an average email or a larger webpage is around 100KB than that equals out to around 5000 unique data loads per month. And all of that for free.


Of course there are other options when that limit is reached. An small additional fee will increase the monthly limits. This is still paying for service, but it’s at a small enough price point that most other carriers are still charging ten or even twenty times more in comparison. There’s also an option that’s unique to FreedomPop, and fairly new at that. For only $5, FreedomPop users can tie into a new wifi service. One can essentially piggyback on top of that wifi to supplement existing phone and internet service. For example, texting will come out of the unlimited wifi allotment rather than the 500MB of free data. And any actual internet use when near a supported wifi point will effectively be unlimited when using the $5 plan.



Kelvin Seawright Rises in Entrepreneurship

It is not easy to find a man who succeeds in entrepreneurship and builds his career as well. These are few people who are talented and can achieve great things because of their hard work and diligence. Looking at such people, Kevin Seawright cannot be left behind because he has managed to outshine others and stay relevant to the financial needs of the world of today.

He is a co-founder of RPS Solutions LLC and has also succeeded in many areas of leadership and continues to do wonders in leading and guiding small organizations to achieve their goals.

He began such organization so that he can deal with particular challenges that homeowners were facing.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has risen from a humble start to become a world class leader in the area of finance and management. That is how he built his career and developed it to grasp all aspects in leadership. His aim is to see people succeed in business and their careers.

Kevin Seawright wants to see small organizations excel in their endeavors of activities. He has the right skills to help such businesses, and that is why many individuals and small businesses have succeeded through his guidance. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:

He attended the Notre Dame University, and there he graduated with a degree in Leadership. He studies Leadership because he was passionate about helping people grow in different areas of their lives.

He also went to Almeda University to further and horn his skills emerging with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Therefore, he has a rich background to support his endeavors in building his career and achieving great things in life.

He is also good in serving people. That is why in 2001, he offered his services to the City of Baltimore and worked as Managing Fiscal Officer. Later, he served several positions in the city, and that worked to make his solid foundation in career and business.

Working with the government made the citizens appreciate his great services and also increased experience in leadership positions. That is why today, he cannot go wrong with any business idea because he has skills and experience and knows how things work in the world of business. Today, he is dedicated to helping organizations to grow and achieve their goals.

Doe Deere & Lime Crime: Recipe of Success

Many companies/brands come and go with the times. Some or good and some aren’t so good. Brands that are truly great seem to stick around for a very long because they posses unique properties that other brands just don’t have. Have you ever heard of Lime Crime? How about Doe Deere? If you haven’t heard then just know this, Lime Crime is one of the leading cosmetic brands in the world and Doe Deere is it’s founder. This cosmetic line has steadily gained popular since it’s inception back in 2008 and today it’s become a cult favorite with a huge following. Doe Deere has always had a passion for creating, vivid colors, and owning her own business. She first started a company back in 2004 where she sewed and modeled her very own products. Being such business savvy, Deere ditched this idea and found the perfect niche, which was void of numerous products and services.


Lime Crime is the name and creating self expression is the game. This exclusive cosmetic line uses some of the most brilliant color hues, which has turned it into a huge success in only 9 years. What makes the brand stand out even more is that it outperforms other brands such as L’Oréal, Maybelline, and Cover Girl. Lime Crime gives the user many benefits as well as such as being paraben-free, gluten-free, and it’s certified vegan. Doe Deere has great instincts for this business and mixed with her passion, success if sure to follow. Sometimes finding new colors or products can take weeks or even months. A lot of brainstorming goes on when it comes to creating new colors, but did you know that Deere try’s the product out herself before it even hits the market? That’s right! This ensures the customer of safety, but it also gives Deere a better sense of how the color looks on an individual.


With Lime Crime sitting at the forefront of the industry, bigger and better things are sure to come in the next few years.



Who Is Adam Milstein?

Adam Milstein, philanthropist and managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, is a man with an extensive and colorful history. Adam Milstein was born in 1952 in Haifa, Israel. He would later serve as part of the Israel Defense Force during the Yom Kippur War of 1978. After the war, he enrolled in the oldest university in Israel, the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

According to Crunchbase, after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics in 1978, Adam Milstein moved to the United States in 1981 with his wife and two daughters.

After enrolling in the University of Southern California, he graduated and received the Master of Business Administration degree in 1983. Afterwards, he then began working in commercial real estate as a broker and later an investor.

As an entrepreneur Adam Milstein started Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate company with over 100 properties across the United States. These properties hold a collective value of nearly $2 Billion dollars.

With such success, Adam Milstein and his business partner David Hager have created a strong company that understands its market. Milstein credits David Hager as someone who influences his thinking and calls David, “a great thinker, as well as a visionary.”

With his success, Milstein offers advice to others and speaks about self-reliance, self-confidence and personal drive. He says, “To understand the issue yourself – one cannot rely on other people. Be part of the solution. Understand the problem and contemplate the issue.”

These keys to success are supplemented by remaining both consistent and persistent. Milstein believes that you shouldn’t listen to the criticism from others and you should instead focus on doing your best.

Despite all his success, Adam Milstein believes that family is the most important thing. With a history of hard work and success, Adam Milstein’s advice is worth taking.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny and His Role in the Scientific Community

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professor of oncology at the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute as well as a respected researcher in the field of biogerontology on Blagosklonny earned both his M.D. and his PhD at First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. In 2002 he became an associate professor of medicine at New York Medical college. After leaving that job he served as a senior scientist on at Ordway Research Institute until 2009. Since then, he has served in his current position at Rosewell Park Cancer Institute.

Blagosklonny has spent much of his time researching the potential role of TOR signaling in both aging and cancer and can be seen in Oncotarget. He is considered one of the most vocal advocates for use of certain cancer drugs in preventing aging and extending human life. The basic idea is that such medications, specifically a drug called rapamycin, essentially slow the processes that lead to cell aging. This treatment has been shown to increase the lifespan of lab mice by as much as 60%, however human research is still in its infancy on

Mikhail Blagosklonny also plays a prominent role in scientific publications, Oncotarget. Currently, he is serving as editor-in-chief for three different publications like Oncotarget. The first is Aging, a peer-reviewed, open-access medical journal that comes out once a month. Second is Cell Cycle, a bi-weekly journal which coveres topics related to call biology. Lastly is weekly journal called Oncotarget, which covers all areas of oncology. He is also a member of the editorial board for a publication call Cell Death and Differentiation, as well as an associate editor for Cancer Biology and Therapy.