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Heather Parry’s Efforts in Bringing Artists to Screen

After becoming the president of Live Productions in 2015, Heather Parry started his work by teaming up with actor and director Colin Hanks. They worked together at the production of Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison. This is the documentary about Eagles of Death Metal returning to Paris following the terrorist attack at the band’s concert. The film was later nominated for two Critics Choice Awards for taking new relevance following the Route 91 Harvest music festival mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Heather is also working on a project to help Live nation bring Lady Gaga, Puff Daddy and more artists on the screen. Puffy was featured Bad Boy, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop documentary. He constantly videotaped his life on MTV while he was an intern. This, in turn, gave him a chance to appear on the Bad Boy story.

The other project was a documentary named Believer by the Imagine Dragon band. The documentary reviews the intersection of LGBTQ community and the LDS church through the band’s Dan Reynolds. It is based on Reynolds effort to organize a festival in Orem Utah in support of the fight for the high rate of teen suicide rate for the LGBTQ teens in Utah. He wanted to make a difference. Reynolds got this opportunity as he grew in Mormon and his campaign to save lives through their music.

A star is born, which was scheduled to air in 2018 stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. It’s a romantic drama that was produced by Bradley Cooper. Heather Parry had full confidence with Gaga’s acting ability pointing that she had prior acting experiences in other production. She is best known for her music and has won several acting and musical awards. Heather describes Gaga as so authentic, an aspect that is important to the craft of acting. It is likely that Gaga will win the Oscar for her role in the movie.

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Skill and Attention to Detail- the Secrets of Matthew Fleeger’s Success

Matthew Fleeger is the son of the owner of the well-known oil and gas company, Gulf Coast Western. Though his father was already a well-known business magnate, Matthew Fleeger worked with other companies and started his own company before becoming the president of the company founded by his father.

Matthew Fleeger graduated in business from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in 1986. He focused on becoming an expert in finance and marketing while studying at University. He worked in many companies around Texas after graduating to gain experience in business until the year 1993. In 1993 he used his experience to launch his own company called MedSolutions Inc. The company specialized in the disposal, treatment and transport of medical waste from healthcare organizations. Under his leadership the company became the best-known regional medical waste management companies. He sold the company to Stericycle. Inc and returned to join his father’s company-Gulf Coast Western.

Matthew Fleeger believes that the secret to success is continuously sharpening business skills with a keen attention to detail. He is also committed to maintain a work family balance that helps him succeed in his business. He overcame problems caused by the oil recession by increasing the efficiency of the company in all aspects. He makes efforts to deal with adverse business conditions in a calm and efficient manner. By making the company efficient and by looking for every opportunity to improve the business and retain his employees, Matthew Fleeger has faced and fought the oil price recession effectively.

Gulf Coast Western has grown under the leadership of its President and CEO Matthew Fleeger. He is an optimistic and meticulous businessman who finds opportunity even in adverse conditions. He aims to run a super-efficient company that can face all types of business climates both adverse and promising.

PSI-Pay digital wallets In Europe and America

PSI-Pay is a company that enhances the support of FCA related entities and the use of MasterCard for businesses to manage their programs. PSI-Pay has been operating since 2007 offering efficient payment options to companies from all over the world. This is made possible by a team of highly skilled professionals with vast experiences in banking and methods of payment. It issues members with MasterCard and has been licensed to issue prepaid and debit payment cards. PSI Pay creating a single centre for cash in the form of credit, debit and loyalty cards. It ensures security by enabling the user to different maps and papers into one device. Digital wallet varies from one country to another or from one continent to another.

The use of digital wallet in Europe

In Europe, most people use digital portfolios to carry cash balances which have the advantage of moving different currencies like pounds and euros. Holders can link various cards to this wallet to be used to withdraw money from ATMs and in making payments where the wallet providers are expected to cater to all the charge backs and payment disputes. The European style wallet is replacing bank accounts. The holders can carry out all the financial transaction all over the continent as long as the service providers from the new location accept this method of payment. EcoPayz is an example of the European style wallet servicer. In this case, a customer has to sign up to be able to perform various transactions. It has an appealing feature for VIP users who pay the lowest fee charges. Ecopyaz has ten years of experience in providing digital wallet services to its customers.

The American style of digital wallet

According to geeksnews, unlike the European style digital wallet, the American digital wallet does not hold any cash, and members do not have to deposit any amount. They link the credit and debit cards to the main wallet device and use them to hold transactions. At the same time, the financial institutions are the only ones that take care of the chargebacks instead of the wallet providers. An example of American style wallets is Walmart Pay and Masterpass. The research found that Europeans use the digital wallet more than the Americans, the Americans main reason for not using the portfolios widely being the insecurity and lack of training for service providers. To know more about PSI Pay visit

Both American and European PSI Pay digital wallets have several advantages. Provision of security and time-saving is one of these advantages. Although they still face some challenges, they have managed to improve personal financing and made it affordable to the people.



Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal Partnership

Boraie is a real estate company dealing with property management, sales and marketing, and property development. To meet their targets and offer their clients satisfactory services, Boraie contracts the best architects and financial institutions. This has thus made them a good name in the Real Estate world.

One of the significant projects that Boraie has been involved in is the Aspire New Brunswick in New Jersey. To start with, this building holds 238 residential units. This means that with other neighbors around, you will have a homely atmosphere. Transportation is sorted with the Brunswick train station being a few steps away. There is a 24/7 doorman to attend to you. You do not have to find a parking slot as the apartments have an attached parking lot with a direct elevator leading to the lobby. In matters fitness, there is a state of the art fitness facility and yoga center.

There is also an indoor and outdoor residents club where they can rest, play and work. You can also shop, dine, and go for a night out in the neighborhood. For the conservatives, you can invite your friends and enjoy barbeque on the spacious rooftop sundeck. You also get to have your personal storage room and more space to store your bicycles. In case of any medical emergencies, you can rush to the Robert Wood Johnson’s Hospital System.

Boraie’s growing prominence has seen them partnering with former NBA superstar, Shaquille O’Neal in another prominent real estate project. This apartment will be built in Shaquille’s hometown, Newark. The move to build this apartment is to come up with a place where young adults can spend time and keep them off the street. This is because Shaquille says he had a place to spend his free time as a young adult.

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is an Expert in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is an experienced plastic surgeon based in Dallas, Texas. He is an expert in a wide range of surgeries, and he is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. His office uses the latest technology to accompany the care and sensitivity that he gives to each patient.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar offers a wide range of options for both men and women. For men, he can help with skin issues, hair restoration, and body toning. For women, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar can help with every part of the body. The aim of every procedure is to restore a youthful and beautiful appearance. As every patient is unique, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar takes time to discuss all options with each person. Using Crisalix 3D Imaging, it is possible for patients to even see what the results of the surgery will look like.

There are many reasons that parts of the body can lose their youthful appearance, and diet and exercise are often not enough to obtain the results that people want. Weight gain, pregnancy, sun damage, stress and age will all affect the way various parts of the body look.

Some of the most common areas that Dr. Sameer Jejurikar can work on include breasts, skin, fat, buttocks, and face. There are wide range of options for each area, and often patients will not focus solely on one area. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar can work on multiple parts of the body to get the results that the patient desires.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar has experience in the use of many different procedures. For breast augmentation, he can use silicone or saline implants, and he can focus on lifts and/or revision. For skin issues, he can work on sagging skin and excess fat. Many of his treatments are non-invasive. His experience and expertise in various plastic surgeries have made him one of the most respected doctors in the field.

Jana Messerschmidt Brings Business And Engineering Sense To Lightspeed Venture Partners

Over the course of her long and distinguished career, Jana Messerschmidt has become one of the most sought-after executives in the technology sector after making her way to Twitter, Netflix, and now Lightspeed Venture Partners. What sets Jana Lightspeed expert apart from her contemporaries is her ability to understand the engineering and business sides of the technology sector.

Most business executives in the technology sector have little to no experience of the demands made of engineers in the technology industry. However, a brief look back at the career history of Jana Messerschmidt provides a glimpse into how an engineer made her way to the top of an industry dominated by males since its inception. One of the most important steps taken by Jana Messerschmidt was to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign which led to her directly enjoying her new role at Lightspeed Venture Partners. A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science has allowed the sales and marketing expert to understand how engineers are often undervalued at the board room level in the technology sector.

Not only does the work completed by Jana Lightspeed executive who has been given control of the development of the consumer affairs sector. It was while heading the Global Business Development division at twitter that Jana Messerschmidt began discussing the lack of her fellow female executives working in the technology startup field. The number of female executives at Twitter has been growing and inspired Jana to develop the Angels investment group which looks to push forward the right of female investors to work in the technology startup field.

Jana Messerschmidt has been building her work as a community organizer intent on pushing forward the rights of women and undeveloped community members to achieve success. Messerschmidt organizes various event to provide support and the chance to develop contacts within various communities to build their future success.

How Glenn Schlossberg changed the fashion industry

A lot of fashion houses have risen and fallen over the years. But only ahandful have managed to withstand the test of time and once such companies are Jump Design Group. Under the aegis of its debonair founder Glenn Schlossberg, the New York-based fashion company has been on an upward trendfor close to three decades. And the reason behinds its success is quite simple, hard work, good quality and thinking outside the box.

Once an apprentice at his father’s dressmaking business, Glenn Schlossberg learned a thing or two about the fashion business. And after he felt he was ready to enter the business, nothing stopped him from succeeding. In 1990, he officially launched Jump Design Group, a company that was slated to change the game in a matter of years.

Glenn Schlossberg’s success can be attributed to a number of things. For starters, he believes in the dictum “hard work leads to success”. Schlossberg also made sure that his products were of the highest quality since customers, especially lovers of fashion, love getting the value for their money. His company also boasts of having some incredibly gifted creative and design team that always comes up with out of the box designs.

Apart from coming up with some of the best designs, Glenn Schlossberg also keeps an eye out and acquire promising fashion companies and hence expanding their reach. One such acquisition was none other than Cathy Daniels. Jump Design Group CEO, Ashena Amin, was quick to praise the acquired brand for being a leader in the industry as far as creativity, as well as quality products, were concerned.

She also stated that these two reasons were exactly why they chose to acquire the sportswear brand. Started back in 1984 by the late Herbert L. Chester and his two sons Steve and Daniel, the fashion company was always about giving nothing but the very best.

The two sons of the founder were also pleased with the acquisition citing that there was no better company to do the deal with. They stated that Jump Design Group stood for everything their late father founded Cathy Daniels on and were therefore confident that the future was bright and promising. Check out Jump Design Group’s Facebook page.



Wen by Chaz: Winning the World With Quality Hair Treatments

Wen by Chaz is not just a shampoo company. It is more along the lines of a hair restoration salon. Chaz Dean began his pursuit of creating a cleanser that did not strip grime away from the scalp and oils from the hair. He wanted a product that would gently lift oil off while moisturizing and creating shine in each strand. Chaz Dean started his company a little more than 15 years ago. Since the company’s creation, sales of the product have been well over 30 million.

The company is international. Its reach extends from the Middle Eastern continents to South America and across Japan and other Asian countries. This was not an accident. The hair product itself carried the company on its wave of popularity.

The hair cleanser is one of WEN’s finest products but not the only one that Chaz Dean has mastered. This cleanser is not referred to as a shampoo because it does more than that. It is a blend of natural products and herbal remedies that treat the hair like a delicate fabric. The product is available on in many pleasing scents that are sure to entice every palette. Some of the fragrances are lavender, cucumber, and mint.

Mr. Dean and his company continue perfecting their lineup and only bring them to market when they are tested and validated. Besides his cleansers, Wen by Chaz also offers styling products for all types of hair from the flat to the frizzy.

Chaz Dean has graduated from cosmetology school and launched an international business. He may seem like an overnight success to you, but he has put in many years of dedication to create a vision he is proud to call Wen by Chaz. For more hair care tips, follow Wen on Twitter and subscribe to the WEN YouTube channel.

Dr. Saad Saad Answers Parents Concerns About Going Back to School

Dr. Saad Saad was raised in Kuawait, a brother to seven other siblings. After going through school, he went to Cairo University where he got a medical degree with honors- ranking second in his class. He took an internship in England that eventually led him to take residency and learn Pediatric surgery in the United States.

Becoming board certified in the US is very difficult but Dr. Saad Saad’s persistence allowed him to not only become certified but also begin working for the King of Saudi Arabia. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

The King chose him because he was board certified in the US and could speak fluent English and Arabic. He and his family served the king for four and a half years; afterward, he returned to the United States so his children could attend school. He is currently retired and lives in New Jersey.

Dr. Saad still offers advice to people seeking answers to their children’s issues, including issues in regards to schooling. Here are some of his most asked questions and his responses:

The first question is what happens if a child gets a concussion and what can the parents and coaches do to prevent an occurrence? The first step in prevention is to make sure that the helmet is age appropriate and secured under the chin. Next, make sure the helmet is worn consistently. It only takes one time to have an accident. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions | Chronicle Week

Some signs of a concussion include increased drowsiness, unusual behavior, and headaches that won’t go away. Parents should watch for signs up to several days after the injury occurs and take their child to the hospital if the symptoms are present.

Recovery, according to Dr. Saad Saad, includes encouraging the child to rest the first couple of weeks. As they bring increase their activity, if it doesn’t cause any issues than it is okay, if it causes issues then wait a bit longer. Each concussion is different and must be treated as such.

The second issue brought up is if vaccines are okay, and Dr. Saad Saad along with the American Academy of Pediatrics say that they are. As of right now, this is the most effective way that we have to prevent diseases. He also notes that parents should educate themselves on vaccines.

Given this information, it is no wonder that Dr. Saad Saad is so sought after in his advice. He is truly concerned for every one of his patients- from the Kings to everyday citizens.

Malcolm Casselle: Blockchain Entrepreneur

Worldwide asset exchange is a new decentralized platform that promises to allow users across the globe to conduct transactions seamlessly between each other without the need for a third-party. This may seem like a revolutionary concept for those who are unfamiliar with blockchain or smart contract technology but it is becoming prevalent in numerous industries behind the scenes as developers are beginning to familiarize themselves with the concepts that underlined this revolutionary technology. The man behind the ideas over at worldwide asset exchange goes by the name of Malcolm Casselle. The recent success of the initial corn offering for worldwide asset exchange has made many people start to take notice of this seeming behemoth in the virtual asset industry.

However, despite the rapid success of worldwide asset exchange, this is not the first leadership role that the company’s president Malcolm Casselle has taken. In fact, prior to his role at worldwide asset exchange, he was already the chief investment officer of the world’s largest online video game marketplace OPSkins. In his role as the corporation’s chief investment officer, he was instrumental in the development of blockchain technology to facilitate transactions. Even before his role at OPSkins Malcolm Casselle was already well known in the digital asset industry and has held several other key leadership roles in various corporations. He has been an advocate for blockchain and smart contracts technology for much longer than most who are now core supporters of the revolutionary technology.

Malcolm Casselle was educated in the United States of America at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that he first earned a bachelors degree in computer science before returning to the same University in order to pursue his graduate education. He was ultimately awarded a Masters degree in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before entering the professional world. Since entering the professional world Malcolm Casselle has helped to introduce the ideas of blockchain technology as well as smart contract technology to a number of businesses in the digital technology industry.