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A Look at the Versatile Daniel Mark Harrison

One investing option, known as ICO’s, has become so popular that investors are able to sell option before they are put through funding. The firm known as Monkey Capital has recently become the first company to sell options as a ICO. This firm is a decentralized hedge fund that invests in a number of things such as Space X supply contracts, company takeovers, and Blockchain systems. With this recent accomplishment, Monkey Capital has been able to establish itself as one of the leading investment companies in the world. It has also been able to start a new trend in the financial sector that can greatly benefit many investors.

By using the options known as COVEAL, which were traded on the Waves Decentralized Exchange, a lot of business was made which led to great returns for Monkey Capital. In a recent discussion, the Monkey Capital CEO talked to many investors about the company’s Slack valuation of premiums. During the most recent investment, the volume of COVEAL contracts was 15 BTC on the Waves DEX exchange. With this investment volume, Monkey Capital has been able to far surpass the investment results of other financial institutions. In fact, the 15 BTC was 60 times the volume of Chrono. As a result, Monkey Capital has been able to issue one of the largest ICO’s in terms of volume.

Daniel Mark Harrison is currently an entrepreneur as well as a media commentator of business and cultural issues. He is the current chairman and chief executive officer of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. This company has office locations in Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. As well as being the chairman of his own company, he is also the managing partner of the fintech and blockchain venture capital firm, Monkey Capital.

Mr. Harrison has been involved in the journalism field as well. He has been published in a number of well known sources such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The, as well as the Daily Dot. Harrison has also been published in Portfolio Magazine and often talks about financial and business issues on television stations such as Bloomberg, Reuters, and CNN. As well as being experienced in business and journalism, Harrison has also had a track record of academic achievements. He developed the concept of Factory Banking which has become the most widely used value configuration for business transactions. As of today, Harrison continues to develop new concepts on evaluating a new market pricing model that checks the validity of Free Market Pricing models.

Larkin & Lacey Act of Protecting Human Rights

Larkin and Lacey are among the people in history who have taken their time to advocate for protection of human rights. Human rights are the inherent privileges to all individuals on earth. These rights ought to be protected and those who go against the law to violate the rights should be punished.

Social aspects such as place of residence, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, religion, color, language should not determine how human beings should be treated and how their rights should be protected. Larkin and Lacey fight to ensure all people are treated in the same way and that their rights are not violated.

According to Larking and lace, all people are entitled to human rights and for this reason; discrimination should be avoided at all cost. Human rights are indivisible and interdependent and at no point should they be violated.

There are many companies across the world that work towards making certain all human rights are protected. These organizations include: United Nations Human Rights Council, American Convention on Human Rights, European Convention on Human rights and nongovernmental organizations such as Amnesty International, International Service on Human rights and Human Rights Watch. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

There are law enforcement actions taken to make sure people who go against the law by violating human rights are punished.

Organizations dealing with protection of human rights play a great role across the globe. The fact that there are various organizations shows that Lacey and Larkin have support in their cause. They stand for what they believe in since they are not the only ones fighting for protection of human rights.

With support from other organizations on the same cause, they know that in the long run violation of human rights and discriminating people based on gender, social class, race and other aspects will be brought to an end. Civil human and migrant rights are among the rights which have to be protected just like any other rights

Larkin and Lacey concentrate on human rights protection because they intend to create a society where people treat each other right. All the organizations mentioned above including Larkin and Lacey as individuals, have the same goal of making sure all human beings are treated right. In the beginning it was a challenge separating human rights from issues that were faced by migrants.

As a result, it was decided that all advocacy groups fall under one major body referred to as the International Migrants Bill of Rights Initiative. After creating the major unit it became easy to handle human rights issues.

Betsy DeVos Proves that Education Is Not Broken

There are a lot of people that are going to take interest in Besty BeVos and the role that she has the Secretary of Education for the United States. I know that there are a lot of people that are trying to figure out what she is going next. I think that DeVos is going to do more of what she was already doing. She started the Dick and Besty DeVos foundation with her husband in 1989, and this is where she has managed to give the most of her money to education. It is was easy for her get an ideal of how the education system could thrive because she was already in a place where she was giving money to the system.

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What Besty DeVos has done that I think is very interesting is push the education system forward with charter schools and voucher programs. She is the type of education philanthropist that has already given her money, and now she is trying to get more taxpayers to give towards education. She is doing this through the voucher programs that she is creating.

I believe that people are going to look at what Betsy has said about accountability in the school systems. She is said that the biggest problem in the school system is the accountability. People do not know how to make the system better, but Betsy believes that accountability plays a huge role in what is happening in education. When people cannot get to a place where they are stagnant they are going to have a hard time to improve on education.

What I believe that DeVos is doing is bringing new standards in education. Betsy wants to do something new in education. She wants to cut down on the amount of fraud and abuse in the system. There are a lot of people that are going to see what she is doing with the school vouchers. A lot of people are going to be interested in how she has managed to help education evolve through her giving. The entire family has given as much as a billion in education. That is quite impressive to me, but there is still a need for more money.

Betsy DeVos has a desire to make sure that they are also giving people a much better chance see a better education system. I like a person that has a plan. Betsy DeVos has shown that she had a good plan for the education system. She has been working on privatization the whole time, and now there is a better chance to make this possible. In her role as the Secretary of Education she could change everything for the education system. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table

WildArk Founder Mark Hutchinson Lives Dedicated to His Passion – Wildlife

Wildlife has had a magnetic pull on Mark Hutchinson since he was a young lad growing up in Australia. Many of his fondest childhood memories are attached to nature. Shaped by this love for wildlife, “Hutch” has dedicated his adult life to his passion. Learn more:



Wasted No Time


Hutchinson wasted little time as a young adult, chasing his passion for the wild as a jackaroo, immediately after leaving school. Before he was 20 years old, he successfully journeyed across the entire continent of Africa in an automobile.



So inspired by this quest to live at one with the wild, he created an ecotourism business, UNTAMED, in hopes he could share his passion with others. While the business ultimately was not a corporate success, it did prove one thing to Mark, his calling may not be in the corporate world.



Rekindling a Passion for Wildlife


Hutchinson is an early riser, notorious for jumping out of bed to pursue the opportunities of a new day before sunrise. Gulping down a green smoothie, biodynamic yogurt and cup of tea, Mark then ignites his mind with an hour of vigorous cross training. Two years ago, he rekindled the single most important passion in his life, the wild.



Sparked by this dedicated ritual, he is ready to dive into his day. This ambitious nature is the driving force behind his most recent wildlife endeavor. WildArk is the brainchild of Hutchinson and it’s more than just a business to coddle tourists on a nature excursion. WildArk’s focus is steadfastly fixed on the conservation of natural lands on a global scale.



Hutchinson and his partners at WildArk strive to buy, restore and then protect as many wild environments as possible. He has stepped beyond the ecologically protected woodland concept. They work to implement business ideas that will perfectly blend man with nature.



It is an idea that man can function, while maintaining the world’s ecosystems in a sustainable manner. Hutchinson and WildArk believe that the human race has lost touch with the wild and his goal is to rekindle the fire of a passion for wildlife.


Mark Hutchinson is like a corporate genius with an insatiable passion for the wild. He is a rare combination of business smarts and ecological consciousness. Most people might assume that the two diverse objectives could never work together. WildArk is the business that hopes to prove such logic wrong. Through WildArk, Mark Hutchinson chases the passion of his youth by dedicating himself to wildlife. Learn more:


Mike Baur – An Expert for Tech Startups

A native of the Freiburg region of Switzerland, Mike Baur has built an impressive resume of business experience. After receiving a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Rochester, New York, and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern, he started as an apprentice at the Union Bank of Switzerland. Over the next 20 years he would become one of the top investment experts in the banking industry. He left UBS in 2008 to work for Clariden Leu Bank in the city of Zurich, eventually becoming an executive board member. A desire to help young tech entrepreneurs led him to leaving banking in 2014. Along with his partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, he co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory, a company that provides funding, training, and mentoring to new startups. The SSUF has become Switzerland’s top startup accelerator, giving entrepreneurs information on product marketing and working with investors.

In 2014, an event was held at the University of St. Gallen that became known as the START Summiteer. This was a pitching contest that enabled the founders of new companies to talk to the public and about their products and services. Mr. Baur was a jury member for this competition and helped to evaluate startups on their plans and business models.

Also in 2014, Mr. Baur would organize THINK RELOADED, a company that would provide wealthy clients with advanced financial expertise. In 2016 Swiss Startup Factory joined with CTI Invest, with Baur becoming the deputy managing director of CTI. That same year both companies would sponsor Swiss Startup Day. As an independent company, the Swiss Startup Factory can make decisions without the interference of outside sources.

Mr. Baur is still active in THINK RELOADED and SSUF. He is also a board member for BV4, and along with Max Meister, the company helps startups in determining the value of ideas and inventions. Baur incorporated the term “factory” in SSUF’s name to express the hard work and committment that new businesses must have, much like what laborers must produce when working in a factory. Last December, the Wall Street Journal did an article on Mike Baur, highlighting his career, from his days in the Swiss Banking Industry to his current involvement with the Swiss Startup Association.


I Was Hacked and Rubica Was a Life Saver!

As modern society tends to move more towards the digital, the level and severity of cyber attacks become increasingly dangerous to not only major institutions but the average person as well. Before, when wanting to protect your belongings, people would close their doors and lock the key, however in this digital age, just that is not enough. With many of our private and personal information held within our online accounts, it’s become more important than ever to protect what’s ours with cyber security. I was hacked before and know the dangers of having your information in the hands of another. With cyber attacks increasing each year at an alarming rate, it becomes important to take your personal security more seriously.


When I was hacked, I panicked and started searching for resources to better help me protect my personal information from those who know the digital machinations better than I do. When I found Rubica, it honestly changed my life. Rubica provides full-service, world class, cyber security that can protect all of your devices from cyber attacks. This program helps monitor your activity to prevent any malicious intent and give added security to your life.


I was hacked before, but now with Rubica, I can be sure that my information is safe for good.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Push Importance of Civil Rights

Civil rights are important to everyone. Even those who think they will not need them will need to make sure that they are getting the most out of them at some point. It is something that is necessary for people around the world and something that will help them to have a life that is worth living. Organizations that are supportive of civil rights will be able to make all of the right choices and get the best experience possible for the problems that they are going through. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

It is necessary for everyone to be able to get all of the options possible when they are going in to a civil rights case. If they have someone backing them up, like the Frontera Fund, they will be able to get the best experience possible and make things work for the people who they are helping out.

Since the Frontera Fund first started, they have been able to make things better for the people who they work with. It is something that they started to do because they knew that people needed help and they knew that there were not enough people who would advocate for civil rights. While the Frontera Fund has been something that will help people now, it will also help people in the future.

For the Frontera Fund to be able to work, people need to make sure that they are getting the best experience possible and that they are getting all of the help that they need.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin made sure of this by connecting with people who worked in law, who knew the best things for themselves and who knew how to make things work for others. It was something that made more sense for everyone and something that showed them the best experiences possible.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin tried to make things better for other people and tried to make more opportunities for those who brought change about in different areas. They did their best to advocate for people who could not help themselves and they did everything that they could to promote a positive environment in their own areas.

While Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin tried to make things happen for other people, they didn’t know what they would be able to do to make their lives better and the lives of other people better because of the opportunities that they had.

Shortly after they had advocated for other people, Larkin and Lacey found that they needed to make things right on their own. For example, they were arrested and charged with crimes that they didn’t do.

This was a problem because of the experiences that they had. Since they had been able to try new things and do more with the options that they had for other people, they knew the exact steps to take to get people out of trouble and to get the best experiences possible so that people would be able to succeed in getting their own opportunities.

Succeeding In The Wine Industry

Napa Valley is loved because of its large-scale wine production. The zone has large chunks of land growing grapes. Although this area is popular for wine, that is not all. Napa Valley has numerous remarkable sights to explore. An adventurous person does not have to go to the usual sites. Among the interesting places that Napa Valley has is the Napa Art Walk. This exhibition has breath taking creations from artists all over the nation.

The history of this valley is also interesting for interested people. The Napa Valley Historical Society is a suitable place to visit and learn the inspiring story of this valley. Information is accompanied by artifacts, which makes it more practical and captivating for visitors. Richly experienced people offer tours about the history of Napa Valley.

Most people know Napa Valley for its wine. Surprisingly, olive also thrives in this region. The Round Pond Estate creates a high class quality of Mediterranean olives. Another form of olives brought forth is traditional. Olives are used to make oils, which may be added flowers, herbs or spices. Some oils are also added vinegar. Napa Valley has other fun things and places such as taking a cooking class in Silverado, Visiting Auberge Spa, and visit the state park.

Traveling Vineyard is a firm that has adopted direct selling approach. The company organizes a wine tasting for clients to guarantee them what they are purchasing. This model of operation has benefited by differentiating it. The company works together with wine tasting parties and it delivers to consumers.

Another benefit this firm enjoys is the variety of different wines for their clients. The quality is high and the collection is from the best brands globally. The brands are chosen to fit the expectations and preferences of the customers. Besides, each party is accessorized with resources needed for a wine party.

Due to the extra mile and effort this company has made, it is a performer. Traveling Vineyard has grown and enlarged customer base. Direct selling has driven many clients to them. They keep the loyalty through special treatment to the customers. On this company, there is wine befitting anyone.

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The RBS Group Is Just One Aspect Of The Life And Work Of Duda Melzer

The Sirotsky family has been one of the major backers of the Brazilian media industry since the 1950s when Mauricio Sobrinho Sirotsky created the RBS Group with an eye on creating a media group which would provide a valuable service for the people of the Riko Grande du Sol region of the nation. In 2012, the second member of the Sirotsky family to hold the position of Chairman of the board of directors of the RBS Group began the succession process to his nephew Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda Melzer.

Over the years, Duda Melzer has spent a large amount of time planning for his own ascension to the position of Chair of the Board at the RBS Group but also sought out many different ways of expanding on the business empire of the Sirotsky family with an eye on the best in digital media. Duda made an immediate impact at RBS by looking to the future of the company with a plan to bring about a change in direction that saw a shift towards a greater level of Online content and video streaming services for clients based in all corners of the world. Visit Odiario to know more.

According to Pauliceiadojazz, through the eBricks company, a range of investment opportunities have been sought out by Duda Melzer and his family members that take in various aspects of the media and retail industries. Duda has proven such as success in his role as an entrepreneur with eBricks that he was recently awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2015 by Ernst & Young; although he has become a major success for the Sirotsky family the need to retain the traditions and history of the RBS Group in a new digital setting led to Duda Melzer being placed on the annual list of family business leaders produced each year by the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise.


Advocates for Civil, Human and Migrants Rights

Human rights is a fundamental need. It should be a priority in the government’s agendas, but it is not. Most people in the world are subjected to inhumane situations due to the failure of inclusion and little understanding of individual needs. Discrimination of immigrants and migrants is a violation of human rights.

However, most governments are silent when it comes to this type of discrimination. It’s visible from the high number of extrajudicial killings, violence towards migrants, racial profiling and denial of entry into the country as well as basic amenities. There are policies in place that support some of this action created by the government.

This lack of aid has led to the creation of some organizations. Most organizations advocate for specific needs and are located all over the world but mostly where they are immediate need of their services. Some of the needs promoted are civil rights, human rights, and migrants rights. Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO) is one of this organizations

Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO)

It is an organization that offers people a media platform and training on how to facilitate activism and provides communication channels that are useful in the fight against civil and human rights.(CTWO) Dates back in the 80s having been founded by Gary Delgado and Hulbert James. Read more: Phoenix New Time

It got inspiration from the social, economic and political factors facing the people of color in the previous decade. It is an overall organization covering almost if not all the issues faced by third world citizens. The founder’s vision was in the pursuit of justice for the people of color.

By the late 90s (CTWO) had launched some projects in support of their mission; campaigning for community safety and police accountability (CCSPA), community action training (CAT), just to mention a few. These projects were just the start of other similar projects that focused mostly on equipping the public on winning media battles.

By 2013 they would offer two months pilot fellowships, and in 5 weeks the trainees would work directly with organizations around them, thy would use video media to communicate on various incidents and also educate on how to respond to events from political to attacks.
Larkin and Lacey Frontera fund.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera fund was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Lacey and Larkin are also the co-founders of village voice media and the New York times. The fund is dedicated to migrant settlement throughout Arizona. It’s worth over $ 3 million dollars. This fund was from their arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

They were detained and jailed at midnight due to their revelation of a grand jury that sought journalists’ notes in him. Furthermore, that board demanded the identities of the readers of articles in the online New York times on the sheriff. Larkin and Lacey sued and defeated the united states.

The fund is therefore dedicated to funding organizations that advocate for migrants rights and civic participation throughout Arizona up to the Mexican border. This fund promotes organizations like Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO).

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