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Whitney Wolfe Positions Herself For Social Media Dominance

Whitney Wolfe is changing all the rules when it comes to dating apps. Some people have called her the Sadie Hawkins of the day in app world. This is a reference of men being asked to go out by women.

Ladies do not have to set the rules for going out for a first date, but women definitely have to make the first move when it comes to the conversation with the Bumble dating app. This is the company that Whitney Wolfe created, and it has become one of the major players in the world of dating apps.

Whitney Wolfe has taken a lot of interest in building an app that men and women could appreciate. She wanted to do something that was completely different, and it became obvious that she was going to create an app that would change the way that people knew the concept of social media dating.

There has been a desire to change the way that people process the concept of networking with social media, and this may be vital for someone like Whitney Wolfe because she is in a place where she can become the leader.

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Facebook is currently under scrutiny for privacy issues and the collection of data from people that utilize Facebook. Snapchat was shot down weeks ago by Kylie Jenner as an app that she was no longer using and millions of people reacted to this by dropping their Snapchat accounts.

This type of activity that is happening in the social media world leaves a gaping void that has to be filled by someone. Whitney Wolfe is coming along at a time where social media is fragile. Millennials do not particularly want to use Facebook because they feel that too many older people are utilizing it. This was initially the reason why many of them started using apps like Snapchat.

Now that Bumble has come along with more than just dating by introducing Bumble Bizz for networking and Bumble BFF for friendships it is evident that Whitney Wolfe may have the ability to attract people that want apps like this. She is in a pivotal place where she is able to turn the whole social media world around with what started as a feminist dating app. This has really allowed her to grasp a whole new concept for what it takes to master the art of luring people with a social media app.

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Dr. Saad Saad Is Making Surgeons’ Lives Easier With These Two Inventions

Dr. Saad Saad is a successful pediatric surgeon who has performed countless operations over the years. Over the years he has learned plenty about what is needed in the medical community, and with this knowledge, he has decided to invent tools that are very useful. One of his latest inventions is related to medical catheters, which are tubes that are inserted into people’s body that serve a variety of different purposes. Surgeons have to know that the catheter they insert into a person’s body is going to right location. Generally speaking, this is done through X-rays or MRI’s, the latter which is rarely used. The problem with X-rays are that they can damage a person if they are exposed to them frequently due to radiation.


Dr. Saad Saad invented a better way to find out the location of a catheter that will not cause harm to a person, and this is the catheter with integral electromagnetic location identification device. The catheter, itself, has magnetic material in its tip and there are two wires inside of the walls of the catheter. This enables doctors to use a device that can scan a person’s body from the outside that finds where the catheter is by being able to detect the magnetic material inside the tip. A light goes off on the device when it is directly on top of where the catheter is, which makes it a metal detector of sorts. This allows doctors to avoid using guide wires, which can break off inside of patients. While manufacturing of the device hasn’t begun due to how complicated it is to make, there is a Utah-based company that is looking into getting it done. Dr. Saad Saad has also invented a suction-irrigation device that solves the problem of endoscopes getting fogged up when they are placed in the human body. Instead of needing to use another device before having to place the endoscope back into a person, the suction-irrigation device allows doctors to suck the liquid away while placing the endoscope in the body.


Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon and doctor who practices in Eatontown, NJ, as well as Forked River. He has over four decades of experience and along with being a pediatric surgeon, he is also well-known as a general surgeon. He has worked hard to help children in the United States as well as overseas in the Middle East. During his time as a surgeon he has been a part of 12 different Medical Missions withing the United States, the West Bank, and Jerusalem where he has performed complicated surgeries on children who are in poverty. Recently, Dr. Saad Saad was affiliated with Monmouth Medical Center, Clara Mass Medical Center, and Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Learn more:


Jose Hawilla Inspires Upcoming Investors

There is no doubt that Jose Hawilla is a public figure. He is an influential person in the business community in Brazil for many reasons. The Brazilian mogul beat the odds to develop a company that has emerged as a top sports advertising firm. Traffic Group has become a multinational advertising entity. He was born in Sao Paulo in 1943. For more details visit globo




Jose Hawilla’s Business Path



He began as a sports journalist in 1980. He worked as a reporter for several media houses and rose to the point of producing his own sports talk-show. He discovered that since the sport was so popular, he could make some money out of it. He started a sports newspaper that circulated in Sao Paulo and its interior. Many critics never thought that Jose Hawilla could make a business out of sporting. So he received nothing but discouragement and ridicule from his friends and associates. He never gave up, though. Contrary to popular belief that nothing material could emerge out of sports reporting and business venture. The newspaper spread like bushfire and was soon one of the most widely read paper in Sao Paulo. Check out




Learning to Invest From Jose Hawilla



Investment is not for the faint hearts. It takes courage to go against the grain. An investor is, more or less, like an inventor. While people can learn to become successful most investors refine their innate investment skills. Jose Hawilla is a classic example of a born investor. He quit a well paying and successful sports journalism career to start his own chain of newspapers that soon grew and became Sao Paulo’s most widely read newspapers. He was fired and rehired by Rede Globo but it is apparent that Hawilla was not cut out to become anyone’s employee. He is now the founder and owner of Brazil’s most prestigious and successful sports marketing outfit called Traffic. Traffic Group has even worked with the World Sports giant Nike on various s projects including the World Cup.



So, what is the Difference between an investor and an employee?




To become an investor, one must have an innate drive to be the originator of ideas that run a business. Ideas are the most important aspect of investment. Once an idea is born, it needs to be nurtured in the right environment. Financial resources are like the manure a farmer adds to a plant that has already shot out of the ground. Not everyone is cut out to become an entrepreneur, though. Some people are best at keeping routines. They prefer to maintain the status quo. They wake up every morning to execute established routines and programs.


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Rocketship Education Motivates Its Students to Succeed

The students at Rocketship Education are known for their great test scores and their better chances for success. There is a lot that goes into this, and the teachers and staff at Rocketship Education are known for pouring all they can into their students. The staff make sure that students are comfortable at home as well. They work with parents to make sure that students are getting enough sleep, are getting enough to eat, and are being supported by their parents in their schoolwork and their quest to succeed at life. Rocketship Education understands that the atmosphere at home and the student’s relationship with his or her parents is extremely important when it comes to being successful at school. They do not want their students to be lacking in any area of life, whether at school or at home.

Teachers know that when students enjoy school, they will do better. They will work harder and they will have the drive to succeed. They will be able to concentrate on their work better. At Rocketship Education, teachers present the material in such a way that students love to learn new things. They find their studies fascinating. In addition, they are supported by their teachers and their fellow students so that they have a support network that seeps into all areas of their lives.

Children at Rocketship Education tend to thrive because they realize what they can accomplish and what is possible for them. They are able to reach their goals and get a lot more done. The more they get done, the more they want to do more. It creates a snowball effect that gets them going.

Every year, students get a new opportunity to succeed. Every year, they can start from fresh. They are given a new lease on life. In 2018, more and more students are succeeding.

Rocketship Education is a charter school network that focuses on core principles such as parental involvement. They visit the homes of their students at least once a year so that teachers can get acquainted with the living situation of their students.

OSI is a Top International Business for a very Good Reason

Forbes magazine honored OSI Group, LLC. by ranking them the 58th company in the world. While this rating was giving to OSI back in 2016, the company continues to be a multi-billion dollar a year organization. OSI is an international food producer that provides different meat and food products to grocery stores and restaurants all over the world.

OSI Group, LLC. provides great meals to various restaurants in the form of hamburgers, chicken nuggets and pizza. They also specialize in chicken sandwiches, French fries and other great entrees that people like to eat out on a Friday night or in their home during dinner time.

OSI Group, LLC. makes quality products because the company understands the market. They have lasted many years as a top-rated food producing organization because of their great tasting products and their outstanding service. Before they ship off some of their entrees to their customers they taste test them to ensure high quality and that their meals are something that people want to eat.

This company is also very in tune with the market. They ensure that people are getting the food products hat they want. This is one reason why OSI Group, LLC. has opened up a new facility in Toledo, Spain. The demand for chicken in Spain and Portugal has given the company to expand its production capabilities.

This in turn will feed many people who want more chicken in their diet. Consumer can now expect more baked chicken, chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, fried chicken and local chicken entrees that are popular in Spain and Portugal. The company also supplies many of the meats that are consumed at popular U.S. based restaurants in China. They provide meats for Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and Subway for local fast food restaurants throughout that nation. OSI will continue to be a competitive force in the world of food production.

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Talos Energy Stone Energy Merger Nearly Final

Talos Energy LLC of Houston, Texas will soon be Talos Energy Inc. once a deal to finalize the acquisition of Stone Energy Corp. a Louisiana based company. The merger is estimated at $1.9 billion. The deal is expected to finalize in the early part of the upcoming 2nd quarter of 2018. The new Talos Energy Inc, will go public and will have be the ticker symbol “TALO” on the New York Stock Exchange.The independent energy company specializes in the exploration and production of oil and gas offshore, primarily in the Gulf of Mexico region and was founded in 2012. The company is also diversified in business developments like farm ins and joint ventures that enables them to utilize over 10.2 million acres that contains seismic inventory for the optimization of transactions.

Stone Energy Corp. is also in the natural gas and oil industry. The energy producer and explorer has office locations and offices in Houston, New Orleans and their HQ is currently in Lafayette, Louisiana. They practice a strategy of leveraging high cash flow that was generated from existing assets for increasing oil and gas reserves in addition to maintaining stable oil production.Both companies are excited about the merger and the future it offers them to expand the offshore production and exploration abilities to new levels. Combining these two talents, finances and resources should result in a very large rapid increase in opportunities, production and future development. Once the merger becomes final shareholders from Talos will possess 63% and Stone Energy shareholders will claim 37%. There will be great opportunity for Talos Energy Inc. to expansion and growth.

They produced 47K barrels of oil equivalents on an average daily basis in 2017. The newly formed energy company will hold its hq in Houston plus operate offices out of Lafayette and New Orleans. Timothy S Duncan is the current CEO of Talos Energy LLC and will be named the CEO of the Talos Energy Inc. The board of directors will consist of 4 members from Stone Energy and 6 members from the former Talos Energy LLC.Throughout the merger process Stone Energy was consulted by Petrie Partners Securities while Talos Energy was advised by UBS Investment banks and Citigroup. Stone went through a bankruptcy and reorganization recently and this merger is a good sign that the company has been successful re-organizing and structuring their finances.The merger and growth are timely for Talos due to the fact that the competition for offshore opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico is getting tougher every day. Stock investors will keep a close eye on this company as the merger closing becomes closer and an opportunity to get in early as the larger more diversified Talos moves forward.

Jose Hawilla – The Makings of an Entrepreneur

Jose Hawilla was not always the rich businessman he is today. He was also once an ordinary employee who had a regular paycheck that answered most of his and his family’s basic need.

Jose Hawilla’s career as a journalist allowed him to cover important events that occur internationally and nationally. Jose spent a decade in being a media man before he took the risk and bought Traffic since he wants independence and freedom from the rigors of working daily and being just another employee. Check out estadao to see more.

His vision was great when he bought Traffic, but his start-up was not good because his company was only able to place ads on bus stops. However, this did not hinder Hawilla from forging ahead until his company was able to secure advertisements that were large enough to be placed on the billboards of stadiums.

Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur like Jose Hawilla, who had the following characteristics that him a successful businessman today. You can search on Google for more.

Has Motivation

  • Individuals who would like to start a small business must be properly motivated to accomplish tasks and goals within the need of being reminded to do so.

Must Desire Independence

  • The main reason people start their own ventures is that they would like to be free and be independent from a fix or regular schedule that could be boring.

Can React Quickly to Change

  • Entrepreneurs must be resilient and flexible by being able to adjust themselves to changes that often occur when one is in business. And one way to cope with this is to have backup plans.


  • Since entrepreneurs own their business, they should devote their time to working all the kinks out of their respective business. Failures abound, and small business owners readily accept them while making new plans on how to prevent the same mistakes from happening again in the future.

Be a Good Communicator

  • As a business owner, it is vital for the survival and success of the business to be able to communicate correctly with employees, outside investors, and clients because these three aspects can contribute to the company’s longevity and prosperity.

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Jeff Aronin; changing the world one patient at a time

Jeff Aronin is the chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. This is a company that majors on investing in biopharmaceuticals and development if start-ups in the same field. He is known as an incredible leader, an entrepreneur and a skilled scientist.

If there is one thing that inspires Jeff Aronin to keep doing what he does it is seeing patients get better and get the most out of life. He says if there is a product that can see these patients beat whatever it is that ails them, then there is no better way for him to spend his resources that to see these products developed and put in the market. This has seen him together with his team see 13 new innovations developed, patented and introduced in the market ( That is 13 new ways to fight the world’s diseases.

Having a desire and a goal to help patients get better is not the only thing that fuels his passion for his work. It is his perception to work as well. Jeff Aronin looks at all patients as more than just patients. He sees them as a part of a family and the community at large. This made him realize that his work does not just change the life of one person but a family and a community. This has been a great source of inspiration to him; knowing that he is impacting the world by helping one person get better.

This is the reason why he coaches start-up businesses that have a product or idea that could take the field of medicine further. His 20-year experience in developing biotech and healthcare innovation companies has proved to be an asset in this regard. He is quick to pick out promising startups and coaches them to the point of becoming successful businesses. This has also earned him the title of a mentor. Every entrepreneur who has passed through his hands comes out with more than just business. The come out with invaluable lessons that come from his experience in the field ( He is a ready teacher to all who are eager to learn.

It is this passion towards innovation in biotechnology as well as healthcare that saw him be awarded the Weizmann Leadership Award. This was a commendation to the incredible work he is doing in his field and an attempt to motivate players in the same field.


Equities First Holdings News: Making Partnerships Work

Thanks to the technology that we have today we have been able to do a lot of great things, such as building cars that drive themselves, building houses that talk to you, and building computers that are able to do amazing things. However, with this amazing technology we have created we are still finding ways to make life a little dimmer, by doing things like watching the news stories that are depressing on our brand new laptop.

This article is going to be full of only good news on Equities First Holdings, and it will help you make use of that great technology that you’re using. The EFH company happens to be partnering up with the ETC company, and it is going to be an interesting partnership for sure. With the assistance that the EFH company is giving them, the ETC company will be able to make their dreams come true and ensure great futures for everyone.

Mike Baur Has A Little Fun With Pitch Contests

Mike Baur is the architect of a startup incubator company in Switzerland where people’s business ideas can turn into big companies with the help of advisors, an investor network and a systematic approach to launching. Baur has also helped entrepreneurs find investors at conferences like START Summit where they can meet like-minded people and take part in activities like pitch contests. These contests are fun exercises for business presentations designed to get entrepreneurs to think in different ways and learn how to sell ideas effectively. Investor pitches are emphasized even more at Baur’s company the Swiss Startup Factory, and Baur has shown just why companies like his could be important for Switzerland going forward.


Mike Baur’s story is one that reflects changes in Switzerland over the last 10 years. For a long time, the key industry anchoring Switzerland’s economy was banking, and you were highly regarded if you could land a job in a prestigious bank like Baur was able to do. Like all other occupations, banking was entered into through an apprenticeship program like the one Baur enrolled in at UBS Bank. He was instructed by the account managers over him, and by the time his apprenticeship had concluded he was regularly advising clients. Baur arranged not only personal account services, but also opened trust funds, credit accounts, retirement accounts and a lot of other investments. Baur gained the respect of the bank’s board members as his career went on, but changes started coming in 2008 when the recession came to Switzerland. Baur spent several more years in banking when he moved from UBS just prior to the branch he worked at closing, to Clariden Leu which later merged with Credit Suisse. But this period was also short-lived because Baur realized that as client needs changed, most of the banks would not change.


With banking seeing a decline in public trust and too many regulations that made it less attractive than ever, Mike Baur decided it was time to take his financial knowledge elsewhere. He and his colleague Max Meister realized there was a lot to be had in new tech companies, or companies that combined mobile technology with services eliminating the middleman. They decided to start the Swiss Startup Factory because they realized there were a lot more ideas out there that could be very profitable if they just had access to capital. Thus far the SSUF has brought in thousands of entrepreneur ideas and has seen tremendous success in its portfolio.