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The Thriving Real Estate Career of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a popular real estate developer in the United States. Adam Milstein combines his love for real estate and passion for the Israeli community to create a successful career and philanthropy. He earned his Bachelors degree in real estate and launched his brokerage firm, Hager Pacific Properties, after frustration in the job market.

In addition, Adam is the chairman and co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, where he helps with the issues that pertain to national growth and expansion. Besides, Adam chairs meetings in several organizations, that include StandWithUs, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, AISH Los Angeles, Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC, and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel. The following are the proceedings of a recent interview with IdeaMensch:

  • Describe your typical day?

In any business, you never know how your day will turn out to be, and real estate is no exception. While we try to establish a sense of order by structuring our daily activities, surprises come when we least expect them. The secret is to be ready to handle the challenges as they come by thinking of innovative ways to tackle them. Honestly, I have realized that combining my busy real estate career with philanthropy makes my job more gratifying.

  • How do you actualize your ideas?

I work hard to realize my dreams and aspirations. Even when I face challenges along the way, I keep on pushing until my vision become reality. I believe in doing the important things myself and following up on the proceedings on a daily basis. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

  • What excites you?

In my business, there are lots of ups and downs. For instance, the supply and demand always seem to flips, and the home prices tend to fluctuate. The trends also vary and the market for luxury apartments might dip while the demand for low cost housing escalates.

The key is to be vigilant as the dynamic market can change unexpectedly. Persistence is also important since the rewards might take a long time to come.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Reverse Showroom Techniques

The Kate Hudson’s Fabletics operates an online retailing business that targets female shoppers. They retail athleisure since they are fit for both leisure and athletic activities. It offers a broad range of shop and online store choices. Besides, customers experience a wide variety of athletic or training gear for your choice. The stores offer a mixture of fashion, fitness, and professional wear; hence, Fabletics is primarily a business brand by its own right. Ideally, anyone can find a suitable and fitting gear from the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics stores. The company’s products command comfort, beauty, affordability and complete functionality.


The firm has succeeded in satisfying the fashion taste of various famous actors and favorite personalities. Interestingly, the co-founder of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is an artist who found pleasure in fulfilling and supporting women to adopt active and healthy living through the provision of high quality but affordable fitness products. Any woman can find something for her taste and fitness preferences. The enterprise encourages women to look good even during intense training. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics was established to fill the market gap, which was evident in 2013, on providing access to activewear products.


By 2016, Fabletics had expanded into a $250 million venture that was competitively fighting for the activewear market niche with Amazon. Besides, the Fabletics brand is actively competing with various old and new entrepreneurs who blend the taste of fashion and affordability in active wear industry. The company has grown beyond the United States borders. Numerous Fabletics activewear and fashion stores exist today. There are branches in United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.


The company has invested a significant amount of money in fortifying their portfolio. The investment of $250million seems a good strategy. The money will help the company compete with Amazon, which currently enjoys a 20% market share of activewear e-commerce market. The customer subscription approach seems a good strategy for the company to acquire and maintain a rich customer base. The subscription services offer clients with a sense of convenience. The reverse showrooming strategy appears to work well for Fabletics too. The members tend to browse items online as well as visit physical Fabletics stores for the same products.


In 2017, Kate Hudson is planning to increase the number of fashion fitness shops from 18 to 30. The activewear stores deal in high quality and accessible price point leisurewear and sportswear collections. The particulars include leggings, sports tops and bras, loungewear, dresses, and swimwear. The fashion retailer’s stores were designed to elevate the overall brand experience for customers to feel the touch of quality and provide customers with up to date fashion fitness products.


The enterprise has subscribed more than one million customers around the eight countries listed above. To attract more customers, active subscribers can purchase products at a discounted price up to 50%. The members are always welcomed to order for customized brands that meet their body measurements, configurations as well as taste and preferences.

Wiki page edits in 2016

Wikipedia and other wiki pages are popular online sources for people edited information. Wiki pages are editable by the general public, so they can be dangerous sources of information. Inaccurate information can be corrected, but it may be seen by others before it is. Wiki editing services can help to monitor and ensure the accuracy of a page. Just a quick glance at the most edited pages of 2016 can tell anyone why wiki editing services are a must.

Some edited pages are obvious, like hot news topics. The Orlando night club shooting and Brexit are among some of the highly edited papers. Other edited pages are a bit more of a surprise. Ru Paul’s drag race and Beverly Gray, a fictional character popular between 1934 and 1955. One page was edited thousands of times in 2016: Vincent Van Gogh. Editors wanted to clear up misinformation about the popular artist.

The most edited page was Deaths in 2016. The page itself was edited 18,000 times. With such high profile deaths, like John Glenn, Prince, David Bowie, and Fidel Castro. The second in line was Donald Trump. Both popular topics among the general public. The most edited wiki article of all time is George W Bush’s, but with his controversial career, it is easy to see why.

Fake news has become more of an issue recently, so it has made the job of the wiki editor difficult. Social media sites have fueled the fake news fire, and Wikipedia experts are finding these unsubstantiated stories popping up all over the net as truth. A person or company needs someone on their side to monitor the web. is a professional wiki writing service that creates, edits, and monitors content on a person or company’s individual site.

Professional wiki writers can craft a page that will help to promote the brand or individual, while protecting their online image. They will create professional looking pages and will monitor and update a Wikipedia page with any new information. These services are invaluable for anyone looking to maintain their online presence. offers a comprehensive line up of services to help their clients maintain and promote their reputation.

Nationwide Title Clearing Announces Online Property Reports

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) has announced changes to their website that will improve accuracy in document processing and offer better service to both the homebuyer and the mortgage lender. NTC is an award-winning provider of document services for the residential mortgage industry and has decided to address the problem of title defects. Title defects have become a major concern for the mortgage industry; a defective title can cause problems for both the borrower and the lender. A defective title can lead to issues such as wrongful foreclosures, create a slow transfer of a property and impede the home buying process. NTC executives realize the key to ensuring a smooth transfer of assets is a clean title.


There are several reasons why a title might be declared invalid. The most common defect occurs when a person or entity claims ownership of a property that is still owned by another individual or entity. However, there are other mistakes made that will cause a defective title. The document does not comply with the standards outlined in the area the property is being sold, encumbrances such as liens are still showing, incorrect filing procedures used, or simple issues such as a missing signature can cause a defective title.


NTC will now make property reports available online in its continuing effort to assist the mortgage industry. The goal is to provide a straightforward and fast way to obtain property reports. There will be four reports available, an assignment verification report, a current owner report including an encumbrance report, a tax status report including a tax status plus report. NTC will gather data from several sources for these reports, including the counties involved using automation and human verification to assure the accuracy of the reports. This online service will further NTC’S ability to support the largest lenders in the country with reports that meet the heavily audited compliance regulations as well as preserve our nation’s land records.


Nationwide Title Clearing is a privately held company that specializes in research and document-processing services for the residential mortgage industry and provides services to eight of the top ten residential mortgage services in the United States. Founded in 1991, and based in Palm Harbor, Florida NTC is well known for providing documents that are highly accurate that protect the homeowner as well as the mortgage banking industry. NTC provides property reports, including, lien release services, final document tracking, assignment services, and document retrieval for every recording jurisdiction in the country. They are among the fastest growing companies in the Tampa Bay, area.

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How Eric Lefkofsky Revolutionalized Cancer Treatment

Born September 2nd, 1969, Eric Paul Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur, co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Tempus. Other than Tempus, Eric has co-founded other successful organizations including; Groupon, where he serves as the chairman of the board; MediaOcean, InnerWorking; and Uptake; among others.

About Tempus

Tempus is one of the most successful companies started by Eric Lefkofsky. It is a technology company reputed for making an Operating system to battle cancer. Eric has invested millions of dollars in the Tempus project for it to be efficient and fruitful. The system developed by Tempus helps physicians to use data from other cancer patients, analyze it and make decisions on how to handle treatments. It has been effective, and more patients have benefited from the technology.

How the Tempus Operating System Works

Tempus Company uses its Operating System to collect and analyze huge chunks of data using proprietary algorithms and statistical analyses. The analysis guides the physicians when handling cancer patients. It also enables them to be more precise on the medicine they prescribe. According to Tempus website, the company is currently working with patients suffering from lungs, breast, and pancreatic cancer. In the future, the company will be treating more types of cancerous conditions.

Tempus Success and Partnership

Following the Tempus success in combating cancer, it attracted Lurie Cancer Center. The two companies got together and formed a partnership whose aim is to help each other achieve their shared goals. Both companies use technology to help physicians treat cancer and prescribe personalized drugs to their patients. The Managing Director of Laurie Cancer Center said that they were pleased to partner with Tempus since it would make them achieve their goals sooner.


In the year 2006, Lefkofsky and his wife decided to form a charitable organization which they named Lefkofsky Foundation. The organization supports charitable educational and scientific organizations across the world. Up to date, the organization has supported over 50 charities across the globe. Also in the year 2013, Lefkofsky and his Wife, Elizabeth joined the giving pledge. Other charitable organizations that Lefkosky is involved in includes; Children Memorial Hospital in Chicago, where he is a board chairman; The Art Institute of Chicago; and Museum of Science and Industry.


Eric Lefkofsky life and career has been successful, he co-founded successful companies and made it easier for physicians to treat cancer through technological advancement. He revolutionized cancer treatment and it is believed, through the use of the OS his company created, it will be possible to cure cancer. Eric started as an ordinary businessman after he graduated from a law school and rose to become one of the richest people in the world. He is ranked 374 on the Forbes list.

Mike Heiligenstein Insists On The Need For High Tech Roads.

In the Austin, Texas Area, most transit discussions revolved around the city itself. However, the Williamson County Growth Summit Provided an opportunity to present transportation challenges that face the suburban communities in the region. Mike Heiligenstein was one of the persons on the panel’s discussion. Mike is the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The group also included Joseph Kopser; founder of Ridescout LLC, Leandre Johns, who is the Texas External Affairs Director, Uber Technologies Inc. as well as ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin. Their summit, which was held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center, was focused on the implications of technology on the face of transportation in Austin and around the world.


Heiligenstein noted that modern technologies such as the autonomous vehicles and ridesharing apps could significantly change the transportation infrastructure. Due to this, he said that the Austin area needed to invest in developing its transportation capacity mainly by building more and better roads. He felt that it was the only way to adequately serve the mobility demands of a population with rapid growth and most growth being in the suburbs like the Williamson County.

Central Texas Mobility Authority is an organization dedicated to building effective mobility solutions to solve traffic woes. The independent government agency was created in 2002 in a bid to improve the transportation systems in counties of Travis and Williamson. Their mission is to apply creative and multi-modal transportation solutions to reduce the congestion and provide transportation choices that improve the quality of life as well as the economic vitality.


A Board of Directors runs Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and hars seven members. They operate a small team of competent professionals led by Mike Heiligenstein as the Executive Director. Mike has had a stellar career in the sector of developing infrastructure in Central Texas. Mike has also served the Texas area as an elected official for 23 years. In his elected role, Mike contributed remarkably towards efforts of expanding wastewater, water, and transportation infrastructure. He also served on the regional MPO, the Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council and served as chairman of the Clean Air Force of Texas. Mike is also reputed for having assisted many other communities with their infrastructure initiatives.


Mike was selected to be the President of the (IBTTA) International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association in 2014 by national peers. He also serves the Advisory Board of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute as a member and other several committees as well as working groups dealing with issues of transportation.

Learn more

Mike Heiligenstein of the CTRMA: The Central Texas Approach from Central Texas Mobility Authority

The Vision of InnovaCare Health Both Now and For The Future

InnovaCare Health is a leader in the field of providing quality Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs, along with excellent physician practice services that stand out because of the quality of the programs.

Operating in Puerto Rico, and based in New Jersey, InnovaCare Health serves over 200,000 people in a network of over 7,500 professional providers. InnovaCare health runs two Medicaid plans that operate from within the Government Health Plan of Puerto Rico which offer robust and well-coordinated health benefit plan through a model of coordinated care.

Leadership is an important and vital part of the success of InnovaCare Health, as the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Richard “Rick” Shinto, MD has proven. Dr. Shinto has over 20 years of the operational and clinical experience on in the managed care field and is the former Chief Executive Officer of Aveta, Inc., as well as the former Chief Medical Officer of NAMM, California.

Dr. Shinto is a leading authority on managed care and how it affects the patients and the surrounding community, and he has written in detail on this subject at

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administration Officer of InnovaCare Health and she brings a strong organizational ethic to the company. She also has more than 20 years of experience and background in the industry, specializing in government programs on Manta such as Medicaid and Medicare and the managed care industry. Her expertise and knowledge extend into the clinical areas and in the development and implementation of managed care processes and operations. Her ability to affect the efficiencies of these programs in a positive manner is well-known.

Ms. Kokkinides background includes serving as Chief Operating Officer of InnovaCare Health and the Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health. Also her serving as Corporate Vice President of Americhoice on, where she developed the health model for that company is notable.

InnovaCare Health holds true to the precepts on its mission statement which are principles that define the outcomes that patients and families should come to expect when the receive treatment at InnovaCare.

The precept that the patient always comes first seems simple enough at the outset, but to achieve that end, the care and procedures have to be focused on that one outcome. Everything else fits into that dynamic, as strong patient-provider relationships is the key to success in this area.

Communications between providers in the network are vital to a positive outcome in all instances, as miscommunications can cause significant problems in the care of patients. Positive results in all of these areas are the reasons InnovaCare has such a good track record with patients and families over the years.

The Wessex Institute Of Technology’s eLibrary is a Home to Academic Excellence

The Wessex Institute of Technology is also known as the Wessex Institute or WIT. It is a research and educational institute located in Southern England that offers higher degree courses. WIT is located in the New Forest National Park Ashurst Lodge. WIT has the primary objective of developing the collection of knowledge transfer systems specifically intended to present information exchange to the different professional and academics industry users. Professor Carlos Brebbia is the Wessex Institute pioneer who has brought significant success to the Institution.

The WIT eLibrary is a home of the majority Wessex Institute academic Transactions. The Library is an online source that presents a collection of papers presented through the Institute’s influential international and State-of-the-Art in Engineering and Science publications. The WIT elibrary also has other International Press Journals. CrossRef references papers in this online library. They appear in the main publications reviews and are indexed in international databases. Every WIT online book is archived and cataloged in the American Congress Library and the British Library. WIT eLibrary users have access to over 28,000 peer reviewed papers, free abstract search, fast download of Adobe PDF format documents, 27,000 Open Access papers, and the immediate access to the latest research papers.

Podcast US Money Reserve

There are a lot of people who get great information from the podcasts they listen to. There are many podcasts that talk about personal finance and how to take the next step with your money. However, few have done as well as US Money Reserve over the past couple of years. For the fourth year in a row, this podcast won an award for its great work in the industry. If you want to learn more about saving and investing money, this is a great podcast to listen to. Many of the topics include gold investing, interest rates and saving money.

US Money Reserve

From the time the podcast was started, it has concentrated on adding value to listeners. If you want to learn more about managing money, this is a great way to get started. A lot of people today are worried about the future. Having a firm financial cushion is one of the best ways to accomplish your life goals. The good news is that many people make enough money to accomplish their financial goals with ease if they will just get on a plan. US Money Reserve has spent a lot of time in recent podcasts talking about all of the opportunities in the market today.

Money Advice

On the podcast, the speakers on US Money Reserve talk about how important it is to avoid debt. A lot of people are in financial trouble today because they spent too much money on an item that they no longer need or use. If you want to increase your net worth, you need to start making decisions that align with your goals. Buying a brand new car and going out to eat at restaurants for every meal is not something that is part of a plan to build wealth. US Money Reserve helps its listeners get to the next level with their financial planning through their advice. However, the reason they win so many awards is that they make the process fun at the same time. Few people can make personal finance fun, but US Money Reserve has done just that.

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Securus Technologies’ Facility Customers Comment on Using Technology to Solve and Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the provision of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for corrections, investigations, public safety, and monitoring has published many comments from facilities on their particular technology to prevent and solve all crimes including inmate-to-inmate crimes.


Below is a sample of observations from email communications and formal and official communications that are received from jails and prisons officials throughout the US. For this reason, these come from people that are given the task to solve are prevent any form of crime and make the correctional environment safer and better for everyone.


According to Securus Technologies, they have specific references to counties and state facility names to protect the innocent. Richard A. Smith, the CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies, said that they develop a new product on a weekly basis that helps the correctional and law reinforcement officials prevent and solve crimes.


He also said that the company had received numerous emails and letters concerning their invention and advanced technology and how it helps keep inmates, the society, parolees, and inmates safer. Part of the company’s DNA is to do what builds the society. For the company to serve and protect, it means an honor.


Facility customer selected comments using technology to solve and prevent crimes

  • “ for over ten years, our inmate facility had depended on the technology solutions from Securus Technologies, Inc. We are ever encouraged to see ur choice of company is committed to progressively help us improve public safety and revolutionize the correctional environment in our jurisdiction.”
  • Cells were monitored for information about alcohol use, drugs and drug selling, threats, possible access to cellular devices, suspicious conversation concerning the transfer of money, a past incident involved fired shots, a civilian reported to selling drugs at a discount in the correctional market without the license.”