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Jeff Aronin; changing the world one patient at a time

Jeff Aronin is the chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. This is a company that majors on investing in biopharmaceuticals and development if start-ups in the same field. He is known as an incredible leader, an entrepreneur and a skilled scientist.

If there is one thing that inspires Jeff Aronin to keep doing what he does it is seeing patients get better and get the most out of life. He says if there is a product that can see these patients beat whatever it is that ails them, then there is no better way for him to spend his resources that to see these products developed and put in the market. This has seen him together with his team see 13 new innovations developed, patented and introduced in the market ( That is 13 new ways to fight the world’s diseases.

Having a desire and a goal to help patients get better is not the only thing that fuels his passion for his work. It is his perception to work as well. Jeff Aronin looks at all patients as more than just patients. He sees them as a part of a family and the community at large. This made him realize that his work does not just change the life of one person but a family and a community. This has been a great source of inspiration to him; knowing that he is impacting the world by helping one person get better.

This is the reason why he coaches start-up businesses that have a product or idea that could take the field of medicine further. His 20-year experience in developing biotech and healthcare innovation companies has proved to be an asset in this regard. He is quick to pick out promising startups and coaches them to the point of becoming successful businesses. This has also earned him the title of a mentor. Every entrepreneur who has passed through his hands comes out with more than just business. The come out with invaluable lessons that come from his experience in the field ( He is a ready teacher to all who are eager to learn.

It is this passion towards innovation in biotechnology as well as healthcare that saw him be awarded the Weizmann Leadership Award. This was a commendation to the incredible work he is doing in his field and an attempt to motivate players in the same field.


Equities First Holdings News: Making Partnerships Work

Thanks to the technology that we have today we have been able to do a lot of great things, such as building cars that drive themselves, building houses that talk to you, and building computers that are able to do amazing things. However, with this amazing technology we have created we are still finding ways to make life a little dimmer, by doing things like watching the news stories that are depressing on our brand new laptop.

This article is going to be full of only good news on Equities First Holdings, and it will help you make use of that great technology that you’re using. The EFH company happens to be partnering up with the ETC company, and it is going to be an interesting partnership for sure. With the assistance that the EFH company is giving them, the ETC company will be able to make their dreams come true and ensure great futures for everyone.

Mike Baur Has A Little Fun With Pitch Contests

Mike Baur is the architect of a startup incubator company in Switzerland where people’s business ideas can turn into big companies with the help of advisors, an investor network and a systematic approach to launching. Baur has also helped entrepreneurs find investors at conferences like START Summit where they can meet like-minded people and take part in activities like pitch contests. These contests are fun exercises for business presentations designed to get entrepreneurs to think in different ways and learn how to sell ideas effectively. Investor pitches are emphasized even more at Baur’s company the Swiss Startup Factory, and Baur has shown just why companies like his could be important for Switzerland going forward.


Mike Baur’s story is one that reflects changes in Switzerland over the last 10 years. For a long time, the key industry anchoring Switzerland’s economy was banking, and you were highly regarded if you could land a job in a prestigious bank like Baur was able to do. Like all other occupations, banking was entered into through an apprenticeship program like the one Baur enrolled in at UBS Bank. He was instructed by the account managers over him, and by the time his apprenticeship had concluded he was regularly advising clients. Baur arranged not only personal account services, but also opened trust funds, credit accounts, retirement accounts and a lot of other investments. Baur gained the respect of the bank’s board members as his career went on, but changes started coming in 2008 when the recession came to Switzerland. Baur spent several more years in banking when he moved from UBS just prior to the branch he worked at closing, to Clariden Leu which later merged with Credit Suisse. But this period was also short-lived because Baur realized that as client needs changed, most of the banks would not change.


With banking seeing a decline in public trust and too many regulations that made it less attractive than ever, Mike Baur decided it was time to take his financial knowledge elsewhere. He and his colleague Max Meister realized there was a lot to be had in new tech companies, or companies that combined mobile technology with services eliminating the middleman. They decided to start the Swiss Startup Factory because they realized there were a lot more ideas out there that could be very profitable if they just had access to capital. Thus far the SSUF has brought in thousands of entrepreneur ideas and has seen tremendous success in its portfolio.


José Auriemo Neto, Transforming JHSF Into an International Brand Name

José Auriemo Neto is a business leader from Brazil. Being primarily known as a commercial real estate broker for JHSF, he’s crossed over into the business of fashion as well. He’s been listed as being in the Business of Fashion 500, among a prestigious group of cohorts. It’s unique that a real estate mogul is in this group, as Neto’s contribution to fashion is that he’s introduced several upscale designer brand names in his mall portfolio. Among these designers are Jimmy Choo, Valentino, and, Hermes. Cidade Jardim, which Neto is the founder and CEO of, is the home to many upscale retailers and, also a wide selection of restaurants, including fine dining. This is a rather big accomplishment, as Brazilians had difficulty in accessing these brand names. Even in a strong economy, their choices of fashion were rather limited, or, simply too expensive for most citizens.

José Auriemo Neto has a degree in civil engineering as well as coursework in development. He received this degree from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He started with JHSF in the early 1990’s, and, began his career in the services management division. Running Parkbem, a parking services company of JHSF, he then moved into developing real estate. Some of his projects prior to Cidade Jardim include developing the first shopping integrated subway station, and, development of other malls in Brazil such as Ponta Negra and Bela Vita.

Being only 40 years old, he’s had quite a lot of experience. His current works include expanding JHSF beyond Brazil, to become an international brand name. Connecting his country with fashion has given Neto recognition from both the real estate and fashion communities. Neto is also well respected by the public, as he’s made a significant impact on his fellow citizens. He’s certainly an executive who’s going places, quickly.

Fagali’i Airport- Tiny Airport Big Spirit

Fagali’i Airport might be small but there spirit is big as the pacific ocean, most international travelers have never heard of Fagali’i. They are eclipsed by Apia, a larger city a 5 kilometer distance with a population of 36,000. Fagali’i is a small village of about 1500 according to a census back in 2006; Upolu is apart of the Samoan Island. Many travelers venture to Upolu for its breathtaking beauty, tourist excursions. The Royal Samoan Golf Course is positioned in the village of Fagali’i, near the airport.

According to Fagali’i Airport wasn’t an easy undertaking, because it’s owned and operated by the Samoan Government. The Samoan government made safety it’s top concern when it reopened the airport back in 2009, under the authority of Polynesian Commercial Airlines. Fagali’i had grassy runways which were later upgraded to asphalt, that it maintains today. Fagali’i is one of five airports that fly to/from Samoan, which comply with all governmental regulation in regards to entry. Aircraft are restricted by wingspan of 20 meters, which also are restricted to daylight hours, with non-instrument controls.


Polynesian Commercial Airlines has a rich history which dates back to the 1950’s. They were the inspiration of an Australian airline captain with Samoan businessman, which never looked back. Today, Polynesian Commercial Airlines is the best known airline throughout the Pacific Region according to They service the Samoan Islands and American Samoa with DHC-6 Twin Otter Aircraft. For years, Polynesian Commercial Airlines was the only means of air travel to/from Fagali’i. Toleafoa Jeffrey Hunter was determined to bring his lifelong dream to fruition, with Talofa Airlines. In August 2016, Hunter finally realized his dream, When Tafola Airlines was established as a commercial carrier to Fagali’i. Talofa provides passenger and cargo services between Samoa and American Samoa & other pacific islands. Talofa operates with Twin Commander 690B model aircraft, which allows for a most comfortable flight.

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The Fascinating Securus Technologies

I have noted that the Securus technologies are committed to improving the safety of the public by the services the company provides. This is due to the technology the company offers its customers. The company has offered its services to confinement areas such as prisons and this has been beneficial to the prisoners as they can access telephone services.



I sampled various feedbacks on Securus from individuals who have used it and the response was amazing. One of the respondents was a news site in Dallas. The site stated that the company was excellent in providing of technological services that catered for solutions that were both criminal and civil. The company performed investigations on various products and monitored the activities that were being undertaken in the society. The company is useful in correctional facilities as inmates can be prevented from practicing crimes again.



I came to understand that the company comes up with new products or services once in every week so as to monitor how the inmates are faring on with their lives. This idea has helped to reduce crime in the regions the criminals lived. The information from the phones has enabled most facilities to get rid of greedy and corrupt staff members who have been unfair to the inmates.



Alcoholic substances and drugs have been reduced in the correctional facilities. I discovered that some civilians were selling these substances secretly to the inmates thereby degrading their lives. Some inmates who had been threatened for not using the drugs have found a reprieve as the perpetrators have been dealt with. The company’s software has aided in investigations at the facility since criminals are easily dealt with. From my research, I discovered the company has played a crucial role in shaping the inmates.


5 Design Tips to Create a Transitional Kitchen

IMG 4 -Featured Image

Transitional style is the union of classic and modern designs. It’s not too formal, too plain, or too fussy. It simply features the best of both the worlds – the modest colors and clean profiles of the contemporary fashion and the warmth and elegance of the traditional look.

It’s not a tough job if you want to bring that style into your kitchen. Sometimes, it can get confusing, but if you follow the basics and implement the hallmarks of that design school, you’ll be able to create that look.

Keep the flooring in a neutral color.IMG 1

The floor tends to set up the background in a transitional setup. The style depends more on the color and less on the material. It means you can go for anything woods, tiles, corks, concrete or even carpet and rugs, whichever seems practical for the place or suits the look and feel of the surrounding space.

Introduce flooring in different materials, patterns, and colors to create to add a little spice and create a visual detachment between a couple of areas. The color palette has to be subtle and restrained to uphold the transitional feel. Nevertheless, you can save it from feeling too clinical by adding variegated patterns or by dividing an open kitchen into various segments. 

Apply textures to spice up.

 The neutral colors don’t have much power to add pizzazz to a place. So, textures can come to your rescue in this case. Textured materials have a naturally tactile quality that has a great power for drawing the eye. Wood paneling, wainscoting decorations, exposed brick walls, coarsely woven fabrics, a blend of matte and shiny finishes, and many more things can create the perfect focal point.

You can also turn to sisal, rattan, and thick leather too to punch up a transitional kitchen. These will fit right in and add a sense of layering. It’s important for the textures to pile up subtly because going overboard will sacrifice the sleek elegance that is critical to this particular style. 

Turn to traditional elements. IMG 2

Wood panel wainscoting on the walls, sides of the island, and cabinet doors paired up with modern, clean-lined island tools, dining table, and other furnishings will create a seamless combination of old and new styles. By this way, the mélange of traditional elements into a contemporary setting can set up the tone for a transitional space.

Besides, wainscoting, with its patterns and aesthetic, has the capability of rising to the challenge of making a transitional room pop. It will add just enough interest without breaking up the understated feel of the place.

Create a balance with refreshing window treatments. 

Don’t try to overdress your transitional kitchen with elaborate draperies or balloon valances. The style is all about creating a balance, so you have to find the middle ground between something overly embellished and the stark chill of bare windows.

Use something simple such as bamboo blinds, panels, or neutral Roman shades. Bring the curtains in an elegant patterned fabric to make the windows look casual and moderately decorative.

A blend of natural and artificial elements. IMG 3

A harmonious assortment of items belonged to different design schools is the cornerstone of the transitional style. You can bring items made of various materials such as steel, wood, glass, and stone in the same kitchen. If the placement is right, you don’t have to worry about overriding the retrain nature of the transitional approach. Concrete floors, wooden cabinets, and stainless steel appliances can work together and maintain a sense of warmth.

Such a décor approach offers plenty of leeways to incorporate multiple combinations throughout the kitchen.

People love to incorporate the transitional style in the home because it’s trendy and displays the perfect mishmash of contemporary and timeless designs. It is easier to update the look at any time as you just need to have a sense of the correct placement of the right furnishings and accessories.

Nathaniel Ru, of Sweetgreen, is Changing the Way People Eat

Sweetgreen is a high-end restaurant chain that specializes in fresh salads. It was founded in 2007 by Georgetown University classmates, and graduates, Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet. They consider themselves co-CEOs and operate their company in a creative way. For example, they do not have a corporate headquarters but rather prefer to work out of each of their 40 restaurants.

They work bi-coastally, essentially they jet set around the U.S. to work in their restaurants. Several times a year the corporate employees shut down daily operations to work in their physical locations. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

The trio also feels passionate about incorporating technology into their business, in fact, 30% of restaurant transactions are through the internet. Their innovation has garnered the attention of several investors that have helped the chain to further expand to more of the country. Boston and Chicago are on the list of cities in which to open a new location soon with more to come. Sweetgreen has been growing quickly in the ten short years they’ve been open with more expansion on the horizon.

Nathaniel Ru, co-CEO of Sweetgreen , is a visionary in the restaurant industry. He has helped make their salad restaurant popular, trendy, and, best of all, successful. Clean lines, modern decor and expertly selected locations are just a couple of the reasons people line up to get into Sweetgreen.

Ru also feels strongly about using fresh, local ingredients and it shows in the quality of their food. They work with local farmers to source ingredients.

They also offer personalized service, each salad is created by the same person from start to finish making it easier for customers to get exactly what they would like. This was a recent change, previously each salad was passed through several hands during the salad-making process. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

Ru and his counterparts also have embraced technology. People can place their order on Sweetgreen’s mobile app to skip the lines. Finally, Ru wanted to make their menu affordable, and it is. People can’t resist a great meal, wonderful ambiance, and excellent priced. Ru and Sweetgreen have found their ticket to long-lasting success in the very competitive restaurant industry.

Saygus Describes their Experience working with NewsWatch

NewsWatch TV is a video production firm owned and operated by its mother company, Bridge Communications. The company aired its first show in 1990 and proudly have more than 1200 episodes to its name since then. Its 30-minute show airs on Monday mornings across all AMC networks and the ION network as well. The show comes during the 7 am news hours to ensure many Americans get the chance to watch. Susan Bridges and Andrew Tropeano are joint hosts of the show. They have hosted many celebrities on the show. Some of the big names include Chris Pratt, Brooklyn Decker, Julian Moore, Carey Underwood and Phil Mickelson. Several big corporations have also made appearances on the show to reach the masses. LG, Ford, D-Link, NASCAR, Dewars Whiskey and Suave all have appeared on the show.

NewsWatch airs varied content including a segment called AppWatch that features reviews on apps, a section covering the latest technology stories, fashion trends, tourism and travel plans, business news and public awareness campaigns. Newswatch’s content reaches millions of American viewers and many others on the internet. Its online platforms include Youtube and Vimeo channels. NewsWatch Youtube Channel boasts of over four million views.

Several companies interested in marketing their products turn to NewsWatch because of its audience. They know that NewsWatch guarantees massive viewership. An American smartphone manufacturing company, Saygus, was launching its smartphones in Barcelona, Spain at the Mobile World Congress and teamed with NewsWatch to publicize their products. NewsWatch did the video production beyond Saygus’ expectations. Covering all aspects that Saygus needed in the video. NewsWatch did the editing and the distribution of the video professionally. Saygus’ chief marketing officer, Tim Rush recommends NewsWatch because it listens to client’s needs and consequently remits the right message to the appropriate people at the right time.

American Institute Of Architects – Building Connections Inside And Out

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an establishment originated by a group of architects to advance the status of their craft and to further the overall progress of its members. They provide support for their profession through education and working with government and the community. The organization’s headquarters is located in Washington, D.C. and has grown tremendously since its inception in 1857. Before the AIA was created, there were no laws governing architecture or schooling available to learn the craft. The AIA operates on a national level, but also has local and state constituents that extend out from the United States into Europe, China, Japan and the United Kingdom. They employ over 200 people and are controlled by a Board of Directors.

The building that houses the AIA was given a new name in 2007 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the establishment. It is now called the American Center for Architecture and there are other companies in the building that are dedicated to the profession, such as the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture and the National Architectural Accrediting Board. During the celebration of their anniversary and as an effort to make the public aware of how important good design and architecture are, the AIA along with Harris Interactive, released the results of a poll where Americans named 150 of their favorite examples of architecture.

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The AIA’s membership has grown over the years to over 90,000, from a group of 13, and is made up of licensed architects and professionals in related fields. Members are expected to conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner according to AIA’s system, assuring clients and everyone in general of their dedication to high standards. Members enjoy many benefits and resources such as professional development opportunities and client resources. Members who have made outstanding contributions to the profession on a national level are elevated with the appointment as a Fellow of AIA.

The AIA observes and keeps track of activity involving laws and regulations and gets involved with decision making at the government level by using its membership and resources. They provide input for affordable housing, improvements to the scheme of public areas and preserving America’s infrastructure.

The AIA received awards in 2007 at the Associations Advance America Awards for two public outreach programs they sponsor. The purpose of the programs is to inspire mayors and other decision makers in communities, to support building designs that are not harmful to the environment.

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